Garden playhouse and the world they create

Garden playhouse tip: Children’s imaginations are wild and volatile. They can go from their room to the space in less than a second and be back with a great scientific discovery. They can dig up antiquities from the comfort of their little sandpit or have an MI6 type of hideout somewhere in the house or the garden. 

This beautiful quality that kids have is one of the many reasons why a garden playhouse is one of the best investments you can make for them to ensure hours and years of fun and incredible memories. Many of us had the fortune to have an outdoor playhouse of some sort, whether in the form of a little house up in the tree of our home, or maybe in the form of a teepee, or a whole structure anchored to the ground somewhere in our garden. 

Beyond that, wendy houses are a very smart solution to attract kids to the outdoor, so they can benefit from physical activity and social interaction. When kids gather around other children, it is more likely for them to develop and enhance their social abilities. A garden playhouse is a perfect catalyst in the formula of putting kids together in social situations. 

In addition to all this, we know from different scientific studies that playing outside not only will enhance your child’s endurance but will also boost their immune system due to the fact that their bodies are interacting with elements like mud, dust, and even the sun, this will further improve the ability of their bodies to react to infections and other types of pathogens. 

What to look for?

There are many factors to consider when making this type of purchase. Let look into some of them: 

  • Easy assemble: kids’ playhouses do not pop up out of thin air —if only—, they usually have to be put together in some way. Some of them are very elaborate, and they require lots of work to stand and be useful. When buying a playhouse, this is a crucial factor to consider. You do not want to submit yourself to a 9 to 5 working day. 
  • Materials: second but not less important, we have the materials. Plastic is one of the materials chosen by most fabricants, and even though this is not entirely bad, the truth is that this material does not offer the beauty of customization, and its durability can be questioned —at the very least—. Wooden playhouses are a better way to invest your money if you are already thinking of buying this kind of playset.
  • Customization: since we already talked about this in the previous point, let us dive a little bit further. When buying a garden playhouse, one of the things you should have in mind is whether it can be customized or not. 

Wooden wendy houses offer the possibility of a blank canvas. You can do almost anything you want with them; you can paint them, add another extra feature or do whatever you feel will make it even more fun and enjoyable. More than that, the customization process can become a great opportunity for you and your kids to spend some quality time together, bonding and creating great memories. 

  • Playhouse features: they are the best part of this kind of structure because they can completely transform the common garden playhouse into a funfair. Do you want to add a slide? Sure! Or maybe a ball pit with a climbing wall? 

Well, you can have it too! What about a telescope so the kids can reach out to the stars? Do not limit yourself; having a wooden playhouse is an opportunity for you and your kids to let the creative juices flow. 

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to garden playhouses, you know that at Spimbey, we have it all and more! Furthermore, safety is one of our biggest concerns so when you trust us, you can rest assured that your child will be safe and sound.

We took fun very seriously.

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