Garden Activities for Kids to Do in The Summer

Going outside with your children is a great opportunity to bond and spend some beautiful afternoon together. More than that, outdoor activities are necessary for a child to enhance their physical condition and strengthen their immune system. Today we will give you some garden activities for kids to do in the summer. 


Children that spend time outside playing are far less susceptible to suffering from anxiety and loneliness. However, just taking the kids outside may not be enough to make sure they have a good time. We must give them an incentive or something cool to do to promote fun outdoors. 


Lucky for you, we have some great and fun garden activities for kids. 


Plant seeds.

When talking about gardening ideas for kids, planting seeds is probably the most classic of all. But, classic does not mean dull. You can twist the activity in a way that kids will love to participate.

  • Decorate the pots: have your child paint the pots where they are planting the seeds. That will make them feel as if it’s something truly unique. 
  • Feature some play pretend: maybe this plant is not a simple plant. Maybe it has some magical powers, or maybe it is one of the last of its species. The possibilities are almost infinite if you put your child’s imagination to work. 
  • Mix some things: plants are, after all, organic material. You can use some plants to seed others. This is what people in the botanic world call grafting. For example, you can graft a banana with cucumber or a tomato with an eggplant. No joke, and even though it might seem complicated, the beauty of the internet can make everything a little bit easy. Check this link to see more grafting ideas 4 Ways to Graft Plants – wikiHow

Let’s fly a kite.

Being in the garden with kids does not necessarily mean that you have to do some gardening. Flying a kite is one of those fun ideas that does not seem to get old. You can customize the kite’s design and make it even cooler. Craft is always a good project for kids to have fun while enhancing fine motor skills.


Build some birdhouses.

Children learn by example, by being in close contact with their surroundings. We live in a world full of concrete and noise. Sometimes we forget about nature and how beautiful it can be. 


If you want your kids to develop a more eco-friendly conscience you can craft some birdhouses and hang them in the garden. They are easy to do, but you can also buy them. Paint them with your kids using their favorite colors. 

Then all you have to do is sit and wait for mother nature to come to you. 


A whole new world.

In the list of fun garden activities for kids, this is one of our favorites. It involves some play pretend and some eco-friendly thinking. 

The garden can become the place where your children’s toys can find a new home. Have them create a new world using the plants and the grass. Put your child’s imagination to work, and you will be surprised by the things they can come up with.


If a Playground can become a Castle, a garden can be an empire.


At Spimbey, we love to encourage parents to take kids outdoors. There are so many lovely possibilities in the outside world that missing out from them seems like a waste. 


We develop our products to encourage outside fun because creating memories should be as easy as wanting to create them.

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