Games that Teach: The Best Kind.

We love every chance children get to play and learn something new. The games that teach our children to become better at something are the best kind of game you can think of.

Often, parents worry about the content their children consume through video games or cellphone apps, and even though we should be mindful about screen time and consuming content, the truth is that there are many educational games for our children out there.

Let us learn more about learning games and the different forms they have.

Games that teach skills.

Now, these are fun games that teach children skills that may come in handy later in life. There are many games to play within this category, but we have chosen three of the most popular.

  • Minecraft

Once upon a time, this was just another regular mainstream game. However, as time has passed, Minecraft has become a powerful teaching tool around the world. It is being used by many educators to teach engineering and coding, the latter being one of the professions of the future for sure.

The game even has its own educational website that teaches professors around the globe how to lesson planning using Minecraft as an educational tool.

We are not saying you should allow your children to play Minecraft for hours without worrying about that, but definitely, it is a game to encourage rather than be afraid of.

  • Pictionary

The classic drawing game is an amazing tool to boost the artistic skills of your children. But more than that, Pictionary can be extremely helpful with language acquisition, so it serves a double purpose in this case.

But how come?

Well, language is basically an association between sounds and symbols or objects. Pictionary works in a very similar way since you have to associate images with words. The game can help your children catch the meaning of words that may be unfamiliar to them.

Luminosity is a website created by a group of Neuroscientists to help with concentration and memory skills. The website provides several types of games with different difficulty levels that boost the concentration skills of our children.

Being able to concentrate and focus is a key ability children must develop so they can complete any task they need to.

Games that enhance cognitive processes.

These are the type of games that activates a deep, complicated cognitive process in our children’s brains. Even though that sounded extremely formal, these are fun games as well, and they have the positive side of helping our children with complex learning processes.

  • Scrabble

The classic word game is one of the best tools to boost vocabulary acquisition and spelling. The basic version of the game can be a little boring for children, but you can always give a new turn to the old-time classic.

We suggest you use themes. That way, you will be forcing your children to think hard about words related to that theme or subject you have chosen. You can also ask your children for a specific topic and focus the game on that.

The laughs are guaranteed.

  • Building blocks

The father of Legos and the grandfather of Minecraft, building blocks are a classic that does not seem to get out of fashion. Building blocks are usually associated with improved spatial reasoning and mathematical abilities.

Jenga is a great game that combines building blocks and problem resolution to find a way of you not being the one that brings all the blocks down to the ground.

No matter if it is Legos or classic building blocks, we encourage the use of building blocks to develop better and more efficient spatial reasoning.

  • The hangman

Can your children finish the word before the hangman is complete?

This is a great game that can be used for multiple purposes, but the main thing the game does for your kids helps them once more with language acquisition.

However, you can use it as a tool to study lessons from school and reinforce given knowledge.

When it comes to games for kids that also help them to learn skills or activate the little brains, we are all in.

Here at Spimbey, we know all about the importance of playing and the multiple benefits it brings to our children.

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Thank you for reading our blogs and thoughts about subjects we think can help you in your journey as a parent.

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