Fun Playground Activities.

Taking children outside to some physical activity has become one of the challenges of modern parenting. Good news is that Spimbey’s got your back! Today we will give you some ideas for fun playground activities.
Not only do children usually prefer to be in front of a bright screen playing video games, but parents also take advantage of the numb effect they have on the kids.
No one is to blame for this. It is simply the way our reality works.
Fortunate enough, playgrounds and outdoor playsets appear to remain an option to entertain children. There is still some magic in the old classic swing set with slide.
Fun playground activities are not that hard to come by. You just need a tad of imagination —that your children have in abundance anyway—, the guide of Spimbey, and some of your children’s friends.
If you have a playground at home or nearby and you feel like losing the battle against bright screens, here are some great outdoor games and activities you can do to secure the fun.

Music Tag.

They are countless versions of tag, each and every one of them with its own rules and benefits. We have come up with this new version because why not.
In this version of the game, the basic rules are the same. The “it” player has to touch one of the other players but, here comes the twist:
  • You are going to put a song as background for the game. Every time the song stops, everybody has to stop. No one is allowed to move except for the “it” player.
  • The “it” player will have five steps either forward, backward, or to the sides. If the “it” player manages to touch another player within those 5 steps he or she will no longer be the “it” player.
  • If the “it” player falls, trips, or loses balance before reaching the other player, the round starts again.
  • The surroundings of the playground and the playground itself are the only safe zones available, but no player can just simply stay there.

Numbered Square.

This game requires a little bit of sidewalk chalk and lots of funny charades and activities. In the original game, the idea is to pass a bouncing ball from one square to the other. That is fun enough, but here at Spimbey, we do things differently, so we encourage you to try this version.
  • You will need a spinning wheel to put the charades or challenges alongside the odd and even numbers.
  • The children on the even and odd number squares will team up. They have to do the charades as a team in order to win the game.
  • You can make the kids jump rope, climb and slide on the playground in a given amount of time, holding hands while doing the entire circuit of the playground; you can have them guess which character they are imitating, and so on. The sky is the limit.

The Art Gallery.

When kids play, they usually love to pretend to be doing something more. Play pretend is one of those lovely stages of play when we can sneak and peek into our children’s minds.
Since art and craft are great tools to enhance cognitive development in our children, you can use the playground as an art gallery.
Grab all of your children’s drawings and crafts and put them around the playground —you get extra points as a curator if you use funny locations like the bottom of the slide.
After that, have your kid explain to you the drawings and their significance —in their own words, of course—.
This is a great way to boost creativity and enhance language skills.

Red Light Green Light.

Like on a day-to-day basis, green means “go” and red means “stop”.
Children have to complete the entire circuit of the playground in a given time, but they can only move forward if they have the green light.
If someone moves an inch of a muscle when the light is red, they are out of the game.
You can use a song or a given sound to substitute the green light red light scenario.
A playground is a synonym of fun, and, at Spimbey, we know that.
We love to bring excitement and lovely time to all the families that follow us and trust us.
Spimbey is where a Playground is a game away from a Castle. Shop with us today!

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