Frequent Questions About the Spimbey Products.

 During the recent weeks and months, we have been gathering the most common questions people have regarding our playsets, the installations process, the materials and the quality, the manufacturing process, and so much more.
First of all, we want to thank you for taking a great deal of interest in our brand. We are better because you make us better. We will dedicate this article to answering the questions of our community.
Let us begin.

About the materials.

  • Which type of wood do we use for our playsets?
The playsets are made out of Chinese Cedar. Chinese Cedar (sometimes referred to as China Fir) is part of the Cypress family of woods.
The Cypress family woods are soft but durable, easily worked, resistant to bugs and termites, and natural decay.
  • Where do we produce the Spimbey products?
We produce our products all over the world, Asia included, with final assembly and final packaging in the USA/UK.
  • Which products do we use to treat the wood?
We do not use any dangerous chemicals to treat the wood. We only use water-based products that safeguard your family and protect them from chemical poisoning.
  • Is the playground resistant to extreme weather conditions?
Seasonal changes and natural weathering happen for all components. However, cypress wood has proven to be much more resistant to natural decay and weather conditions than other types of wood.
We add UV inhibitors to help slow the fading from the extreme sun and Anti-mold inhibitors to prolong the beauty and safety of the playset.
A playground is also an investment, and we want to honor that by delivering high-quality, long-lasting products.
We do have a couple of recommendations for both hot and cold conditions:
We suggest removing swings, telescopes, and hand grips to inside environments when the outside temperature is below 32F/OC. Below that temperature, plastic parts may become more brittle.
For hot temperatures, it’s absolutely critical you make sure the surface is NOT too HOT before engaging in any playing activity. If the surface is way too hot, we recommend cooling it with water and then drying it before playing.
  • Is the wood resistant to bugs and insects?
One of the main reasons we chose cypress wood is because it is naturally resistant to bugs, termites, and other backyard common insects like bees.
You do not have to worry about termites ruining the playset structure. The natural composition of cypress wood makes this possible.
  • Other non-wooden materials.
All of our premium products, such as plastic, hardware, tarps, and rope designs, go through a rigorous mechanical and chemical testing process.
We check the durability and quality of the products internally with our own product compliance development team and additionally 3rd party tested to meet ASTM 1148 and DIN EN 71-8 requirements.

About playground and other features use.

  • Spimbey products are for toddlers and children up to 13 years old. A toddler has till 3 years old.
  • 2 kids max at the slider.
  • Only one child should be crossing the monkey bars at a time to maintain adequate spacing.
  • No standing on top, hanging upside-down, or playing games to try to knock others off of the monkey bars.
We recommend following these guidelines not only to expand the lifespan of the playground but to make everybody stays safe.

About monkey bars drop height:

The drop height varies based on the child’s age and height. However, from the rung to the ground, it is 75inches (190cm). The average drop with the user’s arm extension is approx. 24 inches (61cm).
If you do not feel comfortable, you can purchase the monkey bars as an add-on later when the child is older.
Safety measures are always a concern for us and the parents.
We strongly recommend using some playground floor material to protect the children from possible injuries. You can find a guide about the best options here.

About warranty and other policies.

We offer a lifetime warranty for all the wooden components of the playground and up to 2 years for other non-wooden components like seats, handles, climbing rocks, etc. You can check our warranty policy here.
If you purchased a playground but have second thoughts, you can write to and our staff will guide you to the process of reverting your order.
The 45-day returns policy begins on the day of delivery.
If you purchased a playground and you want to upgrade the experience, write us at with your number order.

About the installation process.

  • Are the anchors necessary?
Yes. The anchors will provide stability and safety to your children’s playing sessions. We do not recommend installing the playset without the anchors since this will compromise the structure and overall safety.
  • Can I install the playground over any kind of surface?
Yes. However, backyards are usually not soft and plain surfaces. Make sure to clear and level the terrain before continuing with the installation process.
No matter the surface you have, remember to add 6 feet in all directions from the playground to make sure everybody is safe enough.
  • Do I need to pour concrete where the anchors go?
This step is optional, and it will indeed provide extra stability. Furthermore, it will save you future headaches if the terrain gets soft and muddy due to weather conditions.
However, if the installation surface is strong enough, you do not need to pour any extra concrete to lock the anchors to the ground.
  • Playground safety.
We do recommend not jumping over this particular step and having some playground shock absorption material at hand. Playground injuries are far too common. We do not want any of our little spimbers to get hurt while playing.
You should have the playground floor material of your choice even before having the playground in your backyard.
  • How long does the installation process take?
We make everything easy for you with pre-numbered and pre-drilled parts. Once the playground is delivered to your doorstep, you should be able to have it completely installed within the hour.Products are made all over the world with final assembly and final packaging in the USA/UK.

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