Four Benefits of a Bedtime Story for Kids.

Children love fairy tales and all kinds of fantasy stories. It is a way for them to transport them to a world closer to what they imagine in their little heads.

But more than that, a bedtime story for kids can bring a lot of benefits when it comes to helping our children fall in love with reading while boosting their cognitive abilities.

Let us talk a little bit more about some of the crucial benefits that bedtime stories can bring to our children and our day-to-day family life.

Bedtime stories are great tools to foster imagination and creativity.

Reading to your children is a fantastic way to help them develop that extra spark of imagination every child needs to develop properly.

But how come?

The stories for kids are full of fantastic and incredible situations with a tad of daily life situations. It can be easy to relate to a monster who is having trouble making friends or a princess who lives in a shinny castle because she is afraid of the dark.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how unbelievable a story is, in the end, they all talk about human problems?

Every time you read a story to your children, they learn about how to deal with certain types of situations, especially if the book has some kind of teaching component or moral. They can later use that knowledge to solve their own problems and situations.

They can help you craft the perfect bedtime routine.

Sleeping is a critical component of a child’s development process. But if you are a parent, you know the infinite struggles to make your kid go to bed at a given time. No matter how tired they are, children will always fight against their urge to sleep.

Bedtimes stories can help you complement the bedtime routine your children should have to avoid the neverending struggle.

Since children and adults alike function better when they know what they have to do, a bedtime routine is an ancient way to hack the system and send your children to bed without too much fuss.

You can read further about how to create the perfect bedtime routine here.

You can bond with your children.

Fewer things are cutter than sitting at the foot of your children’s bed to read them some story.

We live in crazy times. We are always in so much of a hurry that sometimes we take things for granted. It is hard, and we know it, but taking the time to read to your child before bed is a lovely way to share with them and get to know their world and thoughts.

Bedtime stories can help with language development and acquisition.

Reading to your children is a fantastic way to help them acquire vocabulary and grammatical structure. Even though language, seems to be inherent to humans, it is something that we need to foster as well.

When you read to your children, you are also helping to understand how the language works, how you should build sentences, and also the meaning of certain words.

If the storybook has some illustrations alongside the text, you can use them to aid your children to grasp the meaning of certain words and how those words are represented in the real world with a particular object.

Have you experienced other benefits of reading to your children at bedtime? Leave us a comment. We will love to hear from you, a valuable member of the Spimbey family.

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