Family Bonding Activities that will save the day.

Family bonding time is important. To create a healthy relationship with our kids, we must challenge ourselves to find both time and fun activities to bond as a family.

Despite we live in crazy times when everything seems to go too fast, having family fun is one of those ways to find comfort and peace after a long day. Now, for this to be a real success, you also need kids’ activities that encourage them to be a part of these family traditions you are trying to establish.

Luckily, Spimbey is here to save the day with some great family bonding activities that will make everybody have a blast! Let us begin:

A playday by the playset.

It couldn’t be another way. We have to start with one of the best options to spend time with our kids while benefiting ourselves from fresh air and being outdoors.

For children, being outside brings many benefits, and what other great way to do this that having fun on a playground? They can get some physical activity and also develop some motor skills.

Playing on a playground sounds like a fun way to spend the day. You can play with your kids while their imaginations run wild. One of the most lovely things children have is imagination. Let them take you through the games they come up with and share their world with them.

Of course, Spimbey also got your back when it comes to having the perfect playground experience. Our modular outdoor playsets are made of high-quality materials that guarantee a long life span for the structure.

Spimbey grows with your kids and allows you to bond with them at every step of the way.

But a playset can be so much more than that! Make sure to read our post about setting up the greatest play area for your children.
Once you have a playground at home, spending time with your children will be a breeze. You just need to mark the day and have some activities at hand to have some fun.

For example, you can use the playground as the scenario for a scavenger hunt: a classic game that all family members can play one way or another.

Or, you can use the playground as a camping place for a camping night outdoors. Think about it: some pillows, a little bit of hot cocoa, and some great songs or games to enjoy together.

Game night.

Kids love playing games, so one of the greatest bonding activities you have is planning a game night with your children and challenging them to solve problems and learn new, cool things.

Board games are, of course, one of the obvious choices for a night full of fun. Now, we must pick a game that interests our children otherwise, Fun can leave the room, and that is not something we want.

Trivia games like Pictionary or Cranium are always safe bets and are at the top of the list, mostly because these games also help our children acquire problem-solving skills.

However, if your children enjoy other types of games, maybe with some magic characters and strategies, play along with them and let them take you on a trip to their world.

Let them choose what kind of game the family will be playing is a great way to spend quality time with your children while getting to know them a little bit more and better. Remember, they might be children, but they are persons of their own, with interests and things they like and things they do not.

Just make sure to have the cell phones off and focus on having fun as a family.


Among the many family activities you can find, storytime is probably one of the most lovely ones to do with your children. Reading to your children or with them is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with them.

More than that, you can always use the story you are reading to come up with play scenarios for play pretend opportunities. You can include the characters or parts of the story as questions for trivia games.

Even though this is a more “calm” type of activity, think about it as a way to get really close to your children while wandering them with stories about faraway lands and strange creatures.

Reading to your children also helps them with language acquisition and vocabulary expansion. As they get to know the meaning of more and more words, they will also boost their capacity for self-expression.

Make sure to pick a story everyone likes and enjoy the journey with them.

Mother’s nature touch.

A fun activity to do with your children is simply going out to the woods or maybe to a large park and walking around. Sometimes, the most beautiful moments are the simpler ones. Those where it is only you with them not worrying about much else.

A hike in the woods is also a great scenario to teach our children about our planet and how to take care of it. More eco-friendly kids will make a difference later. You can finish everything off by having some family meals along the way. Sit together and just be there with mother nature and its wonders.

What are some of your family traditions?

How do you plan to spend time with your children?

We would love to read you! Leave a comment below!

And remember, Spimbey is the pinned location for fun. Make sure to visit our shop and take a look at what the perfect fun and style for Family Bonding Activities look like.

Our playsets are the bridge connecting great times with lovely memories.

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