Easy and simple sandpit ideas for kids

sandpit ideas for kids: Kids can make a toy out of almost anything. Part of being a child is to have that sixth sense for fun. 


That is probably one of the reasons why playing with sand and sandboxes is one of those activities that children never seem to get tired of. It is kind of crazy how a simple box full of sand can bring so much joy and hours of entertainment. 


But it’s really that crazy? 

Don’t we all enjoy digging our feet in the sand at the beach?

It is not extremely funny to bury that friend who fell asleep while listening to the sound of the waves?


There is something about sand that gives some kind of comfort.


Not only that, playing with sand can bring plenty of benefits to our children. To name a few:

  • Helps to promote creativity and imagination.
  • Enhances gross and fine motor skills. 
  • Strengthens children’s immune systems helping them fight flu and other common infections. 
  • Playing with sand can promote social encounters and interaction, further improving our children’s social skills. 


If you are thinking of adding a sandpit to your playground set, here are some sandbox ideas and DIY projects to give a new turn to the same old fun. 


Let us dive into the fun!

Your kids have interests of their own. Use them to your advantage.

We often do not think about our children as people with interests. The truth is that they are forming themselves from the very same moment they start to interact with the world that surrounds them.

If you have observed any particular inclination from your child towards any particular type of toy or theme, you can fill the sandpit with items akin to that theme; this will multiply the fun and the will to play in the sandpit. 

Digging out the ancient secrets. sandpit ideas for kids

This little DIY project is easy to do and will come in handy for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

Bury some old toys or garden equipment in different parts of the sandpit and make a little treasure map for your kids to follow. 

Nothing invites more to adventure than a scavenger hunt. If you invite some of your child’s friends, things can get more interesting. 

Let us also remember that these kinds of play pretend situations are great for kids and their early development.

If you are curious about the dramatic play stage or other stages of play, check our previous blog posts. 

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That is more than a simple landscape fabric.

If you have a sandpit or plan to build one for yourself, do not forget about sun protection. 

It is kind of obvious to say, but sand can heat up a lot during the summer and also become a mess during the rainy season. 

A protective cover for the sandpit is a must, but who said it has to be simple and dull? 

At Spimbey? 

No way!

The protective cover for your sandpit can become a cool art project for your family. Paint the cover with some crazy designs and bright colors. Have your children take part in the process and unleash their imagination and creativity.


Spimbey is all about the fun and seeing things with a different eye. 

The imagination of a child can transform the most simple object into something out of this world. 

We love to be a part of that process, and our products are the perfect companion for you and the memories you are about to create with your loved ones. 


Check our shop section. Find sandpits, slides, swing sets, and more! Do not hesitate to contact us for any further guidance. 

Spimbey is where fun is created.

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