Do not mess with the quality

When it comes to wooden outdoor playsets, the quality of the materials and the overall construction of the structure are the most important factors to consider, but how do we know if we are choosing the right ones?


Now that you have finally decided it is time to buy a playset for your backyard, maybe the subject of materials can become a little too overwhelming; this is completely normal. Most of us do not have a construction background of any sort, so it is very easy to lose sight of the things that actually matter. 


You already decided to go wood

—smart movement, by the way—, but even with wood, there are several things to consider before buying. Let us dive further into this. 


  • Quality of wood: like everything else in life, wood can come in different ranges of quality. High-quality wood comes from trees like the Cypress, which has the perfect combination of strength and easy handling.
  • Termites are the enemy: every type of material has something to be afraid of. For metal is rust, for wood are termites. Fortunately enough, there are certain types of wood that are far more resistant to termites, so there is less chance for the structure to decay over time. 
  • It is important not to mix: when buying wooden outdoor playsets, it is important to have them built with the same type of wood for the whole structure. Why is that? Because different woods have different ranges of endurance. If you have and structure made out of different types of woods, some parts of the playset can be compromised earlier than others. 


As you can see, there are different actors in this play. Unfortunately, not all fabricants will use the same type of wood for the whole playset —sometimes, they don’t even use real wood— because that raises the cost of production. You need to make sure you are going with the right company. 


Furthermore, one of the main attractions when having a wooden swing set or playground is the beauty of customization. It is quite literally like having a canvas at your disposal. You can create fun projects for you and your family on those lazy Sunday afternoons. 


Monkey bars, trapeze bars, climbing walls; they all have something in common: kids love to be around them. There is simply too much fun to have when having these kinds of structures at hand. 

You want them to be rock solid.  Do not mess with the quality

You want your children to create memories around “the wooden outdoor playset at my parent’s house”. 

You want them to be safe enough so they can explore the world on their own —as far as the backyard goes, of course—.


At Spimbey, we are committed to delivering a product that is as safe as it is fun to play with. We use the most high quality wood available in the market to create several products that will deliver hours and hours of fun. 


Having a playground at home has never been easier. Sharing wonderful moments with your loved ones does not have to be a torment. 

At Spimbey, we take care of everything for you. We deliver to most countries at the doorstep, so you do not have to worry about dealing with mail people and crazy schedules. 

Our stylish products are the perfect bridge between the fun you want for your children and the safety that is always at the back of your mind. 

For Spimbey, fun is a serious matter. 

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