Do children need toys in order to grow up happy and healthy?

The answer to the question that titles this article is, perhaps, one of the questions of the ages. As parents, we all have witnessed this particular scenario: our children or a children’s friend has a huge amount of toys, and even so, they choose a measuring cup, a pan, or even something as trivial as a hanging hook, to play with.


This, of course, raises the question: do children need toys in order to grow up happy and healthy? We know from medical advice and research around the subject that kids need stimulation to develop motor skills, social and emotional abilities, among other benefits we can add to the list. 


But if they can toy with almost anything —and we mean it—, what is, then, the real purpose of toys in this equation? Even though there is no simple answer to this, in this article, we will try our best to bring to the surface the majority of factors to consider. 


Where did the imagination go?

It is a really beautiful thing to witness the power of imagination on children. They can create great fantasies and worlds out of nowhere. This natural ability —that sadly fades away as we grow older— to fantasize is one of the reasons why the role of toys is in question. When toys are not around, and even when they are, the vast majority of children have no problem creating or pretend play with the things that surround their immediate world. 


However, not all kid’s minds work the same way. Some of them need an extra push to develop that imaginative thinking, which is so important for them during childhood, and this is when toys have a role to play. They are boosters for the imagination of a child, and they should not be taken for granted when it comes to delivering a nurtured and stimulating childhood. 


Even if your kid has the capacity to reach out to a galaxy just by looking into the ceiling, having a space toy will make the task a tad easier. 


Different types of toys will deliver different experiences. 

Not all toys serve the same purpose. We might think that we can squeeze all toys into the same category since the final goal is to entertain or distract the child. However, this is far from true; even though an action figure and a building block set will probably amuse the kid the same way, they are aiming for different outcomes. 


Some of them will stimulate self-expression and creativity. Here you can talk about crayons, legos (or any type of building block), craft sets, musical instruments, and so on. This type of “toys” will enhance the capacity of the child to follow instructions and express whatever is going inside their heads. These types of toys are essential in different stages of child development since they allow them to create balance thinking and experience. 


At that other end, we have toys that serve educational purposes only. There is no such thing as just playing. For children, playing is a medium to an end. It is the most immediate way they have to interact with the world and learn from it. 


The acquisition of knowledge is a complex process on its own. Through certain types of toys like puzzles, interactive books, board games, and even educational software; children will be able to develop and enhance their rational thinking, improve their problem resolution abilities as well as follow instructions. 


So far so long, we have only mentioned one reason why toys seem to be unnecessary, and frankly, is not even a good reason. 


Do children need toys in order to grow up happy and healthy? The answer is: they do not really need them, but it sure helps them in a great manner. 


There is such a thing as too many toys.

Here is where we want to focus our attention. Too many toys can be detrimental to a child. An overstimulated environment can cause an overwhelming sensation.


Can you recall how it feels to have your attention placed on too many things at the same time? It is a complete nightmare, right? Now imagine that sensation on a child who is beginning to experiment with their surroundings. 


It is better for a child to have a few toys to play with if each one of them fulfills a specific function. Now that you know the different types of toys that exist, you can select them in a much wiser way and won’t end up with a closet full of toys.

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