Creativity and imagination: a formula for healthy kids

Creativity and imagination: As adults, we often find ourselves impressed by the ability that kids have to find joy with every single thing. There are few things as lovely as watching a child play with a show box pretending it is a hat or a helmet to go underseas. 

 A child with a rich and powerful imagination is more likely to be highly creative. 

But what is the importance of creativity and imagination in child development? Let us dive a little bit further into this fascinating subject. 

Imagination is more than having a space cowboy friend.

Yeah, for sure, for a kid to have imaginary friends is a very important part of their early development, but imagination is much more than just that. 

Have you ever found yourself imagining how your life would be if you had a million dollars? We are pretty sure that thought has crossed your mind at least once in your lifetime. 

Most millionaires are people who have had that same thought. They imagine how easy their lives would be if they had more money, and they found ways to make it. Learning new skills, a new language, creating something new and unique, and so on.

The example above is a funny way we found to illustrate the power of imagination. It is not only about “being on the clouds” all day but also about having the power to see things and make them real. 

When children engage in imaginative play, they are expressing their experiences, interest, and emotions. Since children learn by playing, having them exercise their imagination is a great way to develop abilities that will come in handy later in life. 

Imagination leads to creativity. Creativity leads to great achievements.

Problem solving skills are one the most important things to have in life. To develop creative thinking is to develop the capacity to come up with innovative solutions for day-to-day problems. 

Having the proper environment encourages children to be creative and to think outside the box. Creativity is linked to abstract thinking, which is associated with other areas of development like language and math.

Creativity is also important for social development. Children can enhance their social skills when having the opportunity to create new worlds and games with peers. 

Moreso than that, creative children are more likely to be curious about their world; this will lead them to engage in social situations all by themselves, enhancing their emotional development and interpersonal skills. 

How can we stimulate Creativity and imagination?

Develop creative thinking is something that takes a lot of time and patience. Children must be submerged in an environment that offers them the possibility to do the same task with different variations. 

Here are some ideas to enhance creativity and imagination in children:

Art and craft: art is one the most efficient ways to improve creativity. Art also helps with emotional development as it allows children to express themselves. Crafts are also a great way to enhance problem solving abilities since the child will force in some way to figure out a path to carry on the task —building something with a set of blocks or legos, for example—

Here you can read more about the power of art and craft in child development 

Tell me a story: reading is not only useful to enlarge vocabulary and grammatical comprehension, but it is also effective when it comes to enhancing creativity. When reading to your children, make them comment about the story, ask them questions such as “what would you do in this situation?” This engagement with the story will help them to develop creative thinking. 

Engage in play pretend situations: dramatic play is a powerful tool to stimulate imagination and creativity. Have your child pick their favorite activity and create a scenario where they can display their little world. When play pretend, children use their imagination to create situations out of the ordinary. If you have a playground in the backyard, you can transform it into a restaurant, a castle, or a hunter refuge. Here you can read more about play pretend 

The possibilities are infinite if the imagination of a child is in the way. 

Spimbey is the place where fun and creativity converge into one another. 

A playground is a game away from a castle.

All of our products have the same goal: to deliver fun in a very stylish way. 

A child that is having fun can create great things. 

Let us be a part of your family’s journey to the land of imagination!

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