Creating the ultimate outdoor play area

The ultimate outdoor play area: For kids to play outside is crucial in the early years of their development; they need to be in contact with nature to benefit both physically and mentally.


Despite the importance of outdoor playing, we live in times where bright screens and video games are dominating the scene of children’s entertainment —and adults as well, but we can talk about that later.


As you know from following our blog post, there is nothing inheritably wrong with a video game or a tv show. Many of them are great tools to reinforce knowledge and teach values or specific conducts. However, there are certain things that tech gadgets cannot substitute. 


To encourage children to outdoor play, we must give them play spaces properly created for that end. Here are some ideas you can apply to create a great play space for kids.

Different play areas will multiply the fun.

You do not need to have acres and acres of space to create a great backyard play area. What you need to do to take advantage of any amount of space you have available is to divide that area into different little areas. Here is how you can do it:

  • Physical activity: this area is where you want to put things like a swing set or a playground —like the ones we have at Spimbey—. Kids will jump, run, and climb in this area, enhancing their physical strength and overall condition. 
  • Be or not to be. That is the question: creative play is a key component for children and the development of their imagination and abstract thinking. If a child is free to create worlds, games, or any kind of art, their little brains start to click and grow. Make sure to have a little corner for art display and pretend play scenarios.
  • Do you want to build a Snowman?: do not worry, we are not about to tell you to go back to that song. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to have an area dedicated to sensory play. A mud kitchen or a sandpit that emulates a little construction site. Give your children the possibility to build things using their hands and minds. 

Change the decoration from time to time. The ultimate outdoor play area

Kids love to take part in decoration activities. Setting the Christmas tree, the spooky Halloween look and do. If you have a centerpiece in your backyard, like a playhouse or playground, you can increase the outdoor fun by doing some extra decorating to the structure.  


You can change the decoration for every major event during the year. This might be a little demanding at the time, but hey, we judge nobody here.

The point is that you can make the outdoor play space a little more appealing if you throw some lights or spiderwebs on it. 


Have your children come up with some ideas for the decoration process; this will strengthen their confidence and self-esteem as they will feel that they accomplished something using their hands. 

Nurture their interests.

Nothing is better to ensure children play outside than create a playspace for kids using the things they like the most. Do not be afraid to ask them what they would like to have. We can assure you that the answer will blow your mind.


At Spimbey, we have all you need to create the play areas filled with fun and safety measures —don’t think for a second that we take safety for granted.


Nothing beats the excitement of a child when they have a great backyard play area at their disposal. We are all about fun and lovely memories. 


Let us share together the wonders of imagination.

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