A climbing frame with slide or a playhouse? What does a child want most? In one of our previous articles, we answered a list of important questions that many parents may have. Especially during the first year of their firstborn child.

Have you struggled to make the right choice when buying your toddler’s playground? Spimbey can help you with that!

Kids love visiting playgrounds. So any choice from a classic climbing frame and slide to a cool monkey bar or a climbing wall can be a children’s preference. You can try our high-quality wooden climbing frames to upgrade your playground equipment.

climbing frame and slide with children

Here are some ideas on what kind of items you should consider purchasing for your climbing frame:

·   The monkey bars are one of the kid’s favorite.

·   Also the climbing walls

·   Climbing frames with swings

·   High-quality bars

·   Outdoor play house

·   Wooden climbing frames

climbing frame and slide with one child playing in a playground with trees

Before buying a climbing frame and slide…

climbing frame and slide with children swing set with child

 Here is a list of important items that you should check to ensure you’re purchasing the right choice:

·   Firstly heck that the lumber comes with pre-drilled holes for your better use. This saves you time and removes room for error.

·   Secondly Make sure the lumber is rot-resistant and immune to natural decay so it does not need extra treatment.

·   Thirdly, verify that your play deck comes with railings on all 4 sides of the deck.

·   Last but not least, get your climbing frame and slide in high-quality materials. 

Moreover, young children adore climbing frames with swings. Imagine having the most fun frame with slide, swing seats, or even a double swing! Certainly that sounds like a full outdoor play equipment for you to ensure your toddler’s best memories.

Spimbey makes all its products with high-standard materials and components from Chinese Cedar. We can assure your toddler’s tons of fun with the best quality playsets, playhouses, and swing sets. 

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