Children Playing in the Playground: A Learning Tool.

Parks and playground equipment are some of the best tools for parents when it comes to enhancing their child’s development.

While children play on a playground, they explore the world and learn how to use their bodies to overcome challenging situations.

Here are some of the great benefits of having your children playing in the playground:

  • Enhancing problem-solving skills: play structures are challenges for children. Every time they use one of these types of structures, they have to understand how to use the equipment properly.

  • Social-emotional growth: community playgrounds are magnets for children and, because of that, they are great places for our children to learn important social cues. Share, take turns, and other important social skills can be developed by a child just by playing outdoor.

  • Physical benefits: this is kind of obvious but when children engage in outdoor playing with playgrounds, monkey bars, or climbing frames, they strengthen their bodies. Kids must get some physical activity in order to have healthy bodies but also to boost their immune system and help them less prone to get common diseases like the flu.

  • Motor development: fine motor skills are essential for activities such as writing or grabbing while gross motor skills are necessary for children to know their bodies. Playground activities and games will help them to achieve certain motor developmental goals.

But besides all those benefits, did you know that having children playing in the playground is also a great tool to enhance their learning process? Kids develop a better attitude towards school tasks and lessons when they are allowed to play shortly between activities.

A break to chill is way more than that.

School breaks are more than just a time for children to eat lunch or breakfast. For students, frequent breaks during a school day are a great tool to improve their attention and concentration during tasks o classes.

In this particular study, the researchers observed children´s behavior during class. They noticed that most children had problems focussing for more than 30 minutes straight.

If the goal is for kids to learn and acquire certain basic knowledge, periodic and schedule breaks are necessary to keep children sharp and focus on the different tasks they have to perform.

Play breaks reduce stress.

Even though it shouldn’t be that way, learning something can be quite stressful, especially if it’s something we are not particularly good at.

Stress is a silent killer. It has so many negative health consequences that learning how to control it and dial it down can not be taken lightly. Stress will block appropriate cognitive focus and will impede our children from acquiring the knowledge they suppose to have.

However, if a child is allowed free play during short breaks, their psychological well-being will be enhanced, and therefore, they will be more receptive and sharp when the time for study and focus comes. Having a playground at home or in school can be highly beneficial for the child’s learning process.

If you, your child, or someone you know is dealing with stress, you can click on this American Phycological Association article to find proper ways to manage stress.

Exercise boosts brain function.

Having children playing in the playground is also having them do some physical activity, which can help with stress managing but also boost brain functions during the day.

Have you ever noticed that you feel a little bit sharper after a good gym session or after a long run?

This is because exercise and physical activity overall increase blood pressure and, therefore, oxygenation in the brain. Exercise improves brain activity, leaving children with a more receptive attitude towards the learning process and enhancing their abilities to cope with stress and other negative emotions such as frustration or anxiety.

Recommendations on using the playground as a tool.

  • Time the breaks: they are necessary, but they cannot last forever. Assing a determinate period for both breaks and study times.

  • Do not use the playground as punishment but as a reward for great behavior and achievements.

  • Art and crafts are exceptional tools to implement during break times. They will smooth the children’s mood while encouraging the development of creativity and imagination.

If you are having problems with focus and concentration, you can tap this link to one of our previous blog entries about how to enhance this ability in our children.

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