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 Camping setup ideas: Traveling with the family is one of the coolest experiences there are. The excitement of picking a destiny and the emotion of feeling that you are arriving at it —there is a myth that says some people love packing, we can not confirm this yet, but it sounds crazy anyway—

A camping trip is one of those things that bring families together. Hitting the road, singing songs, playing games, eating camping food which is amazing for some reason, a good ghost story, and so on. 

However, camping might not always be possible, either because of lacking time or not having the possibility of going to a certain destination. 

As usual, at Spimbey we have come up with some cool backyard camping ideas so you can have all the fun right there at home. This will avoid all the camping gear, and the emergency stops to go to the bathroom. You can bring camping to your own backyard-

Jazz up the place.

Since these are setups ideas, we have to take them seriously. Take a look in your backyard a look for the coziest location you have available, after all, if we are already at home, let us make this a comfortable camping experience. 

If you happen to have a wooden playground in the backyard, you can use it to gather around it. You can put some camping equipment inside of it, or maybe some pillows and sheets so your kids can sleep inside of it. Wrapped them up in a sleeping bag and put some camping gear around them, they will feel that the experience is more close to the real deal. 

If an outdoor playground can become a castle, why not a tent?

Family camping is the best form of camping with these camping setup ideas

We are talking about emulating the camping experience, right? So make sure to include your children in the planning of the evening. 

Ask them what they would like to do or eat. It is more likely for them to enjoy the home adventure if they feel like they have a role in it. You can ask them if perhaps they would love to do a scavenger hunt, tell stories, play hideout, or sing with the moon.

Add some flashlights and puppets.

For some extra fun, you can create a shadow show using flashlights or recreate a scene from one of your kid’s favorite cartoons or book using puppets. 

This activity is not only fun but it will also engage your children in some play pretend scenarios. We have covered before the importance of this kind of playing for children. It improves their creativity and imagination, so this is a perfect opportunity to put that into practice. 

You can read a little bit more about dramatic playing here (link para el artículo de play pretend)

Sing to me about playing.

Camping songs are always cool; you can try to create one that is your family only. This can become a cool activity to do that will activate the creativity of your children. 

Use a whiteboard and write some words on it, then have your kids choose from those words to write the song. At first, it will probably be a disaster, but no one is looking for a Grammy here; just make sure that everybody is having fun.

Camping does not have to be complicated. You can turn around this experience and make something truly lovely and cool. 

Keep checking our blog to find out more ideas to have fun with your family and learn something in the process.

Spimbey is where fun becomes a serious matter. 

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