Buying a Toddler Playset does not have to be a Nightmare.

We know that children have to play and so physical activity. Having a backyard playground is one of the best strategies you can put at play to guarantee that your children will benefit from all the wonders that playing brings to them. Today we’ll talk about the proccess of buying a toddler playset.

Indoor or outdoor play is a must, but it is common for parents to struggle with the idea of having a toddler playset. The kids’ age is something to consider since we must provide an adequate type of backyard playset to avoid injuries of any kind.

As children grow older, the first sets of playsets we bought for them with the cute basketball hoop or the steering wheels are no longer useful. Know you have to find a way to get rid of the structure either by seeling it or finding a place for it in the garage.

Here is where Spimbey comes to the rescue with the outdoor modular playsets we offer. Now, you no longer have to worry about changing the playset every couple of years.

With us, you can have several combinations of outdoor playsets that will accompany your children throughout their childhood.

It is all about durability.

When you think in a backyard playground, happy images come to your head immediately, either in the form of memories or just for day-to-day reference.

You want durability and a long lifespan for your children’s backyard playset. After all, this is also an investment. This is why we choose to make our products with high-quality wood, resistant to natural decay and weather conditions. We use real wood from the Cypress family of trees.

Our wooden swing set is one of the favorites of our family of Spimbers. You can change the swing seat to fit your toddler age and secure a safe playing session.

Up to four children can use our swing set at the same time, so if you have more than one kid, you can avoid long-lasting fights over a spot on the swing set. We even have a double glider swing seat if your kids feel like sharing a ride with a friend.
You no longer have to worry about your kids’ swing set falling into disuse after a couple of years.

As your children grow older, you can add more features to the fun.

Our playsets can be used by toddlers and young children up to 13 years old. You know, when playing on a playground will not be cool anymore.

But, in the meantime, as your children grow, you can add more features to the play structure, and you will end up with a whole funfair where the fun will never end.

Swing sets are great, but if you can have a playhouse, some monkey bars, and a slide, well, that sounds like paradise to us. A sandbox area is also included, where your children can do some exploratory or pretend play.

Our play decks also come with a climbing wall so your children will have a climber and slide to have all the fun they should be having. Four children can be at the play deck at the same time, having a blast.

The play area can gran grow and expand as your children do. You no longer have to think only about getting a toddler playset. That is what we call a solid return of investment.

Years of fun guaranteed by quality materials and the vision of changing the experience of outdoor play.
Spimbey is the pinned location of fun.

Visit our shop today and find all the different combinations we offer. It Does not matter if you have toddlers or young children. You can start small and end big by adding the different features we offer.

If you have any questions about our playsets, you can go to the frequent question article. If you do not find the answer to your question, write us at We have an international crew attending the doubts of our customers in 5 different languages.

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