Big Backyard Playset: The Ally of Fun

Playgrounds are a fantastic way to guarantee hours of fun for your children no matter the season or the day of the week.

Outdoor play is so important for children. It helps them to get physical activity and enhance their immune system. But more than that, outdoor play and overall outdoor activities are necessary for children to gain contact with mother nature.

These days, where the brig screens claim the attention of our children, it is important for us to find a balance between cellphones, smart TVs, and the essential and sacred activity of playing.

If you are lucky enough to have a great amount of space in your backyard, you can make the most out of that available space with a big backyard playset, but first, there are some things you should be mindful of.

Spimbey is here not only with amazing products to fit your space but with some ideas so you take advantage of the things we have to offer you.

Since you have lots of space, let us create an amazing play area.

Sometimes, a playset on its own might not be enough to encourage our children to play outside and have some time off from the videogames. But do not worry, we have some easy solutions for you.

Creating a play area with different stations for different kinds of activities will help you to draw your children outdoors so they can benefit from being outside playing.

How can you do that?

The playground will be the center of the fun, the main character of this play called “let´s have some fun”. Then, in our blog, you can find some great ideas to create the greatest play area, but here are some basic takeaways you can start applying right away.

  • The playground will be the physical station. A wooden swing set, a climbing wall, and some monkey bars will do wonders for your children and the physical activity they need to develop their motor skills. You can find all these set features at our shop

  • An art and craft area to stimulate creativity and imagination.

  • You can also add a reading hub to encourage curiosity in your children.

  • A picnic table is also a great option if you are looking to spend some days in the sun.

Adding all these extra areas around the playground will help you create the ultimate playing experience. Dull is never an option here at Spimbey.

Do not forget about safety.

If you are thinking of buying a big backyard playset, you should not take safety for granted. Take advantage of the amount of space you have to take all the critical safety measures to avoid injuries from playing.

Here are some basic recommendations you should follow:

  • You should have 6ft in each direction of the playground.

  • Check the foundations where you want to install the playset. There is no use for a heavy-duty structure if the ground is not solid enough. See if there is any soft spot on the ground and try to level the surface to avoid imbalances when installing the playset.

  • Add some playground floor material. There are several options in the market. We have a complete guide for you to check here. Whatever your choice is, be mindful about the maintenance of this shock absorption material so you can rest assured that your children will be safe at all times.

Creating beautiful memories that your children will treasure has never been easier.

At Spimbey, we take fun very seriously. We want to encourage play as a way of learning and outdoor activities to create more eco-friendly children.

Fewer things are as exciting as seeing your children have a great time. We want to be a part of your home and your family’s journey to happiness and fond memories.

Visit our shop and see for yourself how fun. Safety and style can be found in the same place.

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