Best materials for swing set

Materials for swing set: Boredom is not an option when a swing set is on sight. The adrenaline of balancing from the floor to the sky is simply one of the best experiences we can think of as a child.


When we are children, we do not think about the swing set we are using, right? We just want to have fun. We do not care about the surface material or if it is too old for kids to be playing with. 


However, now that we are on the other side of the situation, for sure, we are constantly worrying about safety measures and other variables. We do not want our kids to get hurt, not even by accident. 


If you are thinking of buying a swing set, you are thinking long term. Nobody wants to buy something that will need replacement just a couple of years later. You want the type of playground that will last until your children decide that it is no longer cool to play in it —yeah, that time will come: adolescence they called—


Let us check why wood is one of the best materials for a swing set that you can find out there in the market.  

Rust is the enemy of fun.

Nothing kills the vibe more than a rusty swing set. Metal or aluminum playgrounds are far too susceptible to weather conditions. Even though they are ways to avoid rust (you can check this blog post where we talk about that), why have an extra worry in our heads if we can go another way?


Wooden playsets and swing sets are resistant to the overall climate conditions, but you have to make sure to choose the right type of wood. 

Wood from the Cypress family is soft but durable, easily worked, resistant to bugs and termites, and resist decay. 

This is precisely the type of wood we use at Spimbey to create the most stylish and durable swing set you can think of. 


When buying a Spimbey swing set, you do not have to worry about small cracks or wooden chips. We use a small and tight knot structure; hence the structure will last longer than another type of wooden construction. 


We do not want anything to stop the fun. 

Installation and Materials for swing set

Installation is no joke. We’ve all been there: you are installing the swing set, and somehow, you have a few pieces you did not use. 

When buying a wooden swing set, the installation process tends to be more simple, especially if everything is pre-cut and numbered. 

If it is easy to install, it is easy to have fun with it.


Safety and health measures.

Wood is a sturdy and strong material. If you add to that the benefits we already talk about, the option seems to become clearer and clearer.

Let us remember that our kids will be flying through the air in this thing. A swing set has to be firm, with a material capable of withstanding a lot of weight and tension.


On the other hand, health is also a concern for us parents. Especially in the times we live on, but regardless of that, wood offers a surface that, when treated properly, reduces the risk of intoxication due to strong chemicals. 

Metal, when rust is present, not only represents an overall safety concern but also a healthy one. Intoxication for rust and allergic reactions because of it are far more common than you can think of. 

With wooden swing sets, you don’t have to worry about this particular problem. 

Fewer worries equal more fun. 

And you know we are all about fun!


At Spimbey, we understand all the concerns a parent has because we are parents as well. We want to make your life simple so you can focus on creating and sharing memories with your loved ones.

We left the fun at your front door.

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