Art and craft for child development

Art and craft: Art is fundamental for child development. These modern times we live on have led us to believe that art and craft are somehow accessories, a waste of time, but there is a reason behind teaching and implementing them to encourage child development.

Moreso, art has a fundamental role when it comes to developing a child’s imagination. Let us think for a moment, how can you create or achieve something without imagining it first? Imagination is crucial for creating functional and complete human beings. We are not talking about Da Vinci and Michel Angelo but rather people that can innovate and do things in a better way.

Creativity is the path to self-expression. When creating something, we can consider it as a reflection of our way of thinking, the way we feel, or how we see things. Art and craft are a great way to invite our children to try new things. 

We must understand that being creative has nothing to do with being more or less capable than others. It is about finding new ways to do the same old things. That is why it is so important to promote creative thinking in our children from a young age. Problem solving capabilities will come in handy later in life to deal with situations in the workplace or relationships of any kind. 

What other benefits came from art and craft?

If what we have told you so far is not enough to convince you about the power and the importance of art in the growth path of your child, here are a few more reasons to include it in your day-to-day basis:

Enhancing fine motor skills: grabbing a pencil, a paintbrush, or gluing some things together are perfect activities to refine fine motor skills. Doing these types of craft will also require eye coordination, a key component for other activities such as playing sports. 

Art and math are not that far away: we have mentioned how art and crafts are a key component in the creation of problem solving abilities. Art foster critical and abstract thinking, which is the type of thinking that we need to come out with when resolving mathematician problems. 

It is not common to associate these two disciplines together, but the truth is that recent investigations tell us that they are more related than we might think.

Art brings people together: well, we know, that is a wild and bold statement, but bear with us for a moment. What we are trying to say is that art and crafts can be really helpful in creating opportunities for social engagement. 

When drawing, making origami, or building something, kids tend to share their thoughts with each other, but more than that, they share ideas and new ways to do whatever is that they are doing. This exchange of ideas and opinions will enhance the child’s social skills and behavior. 

Lastly, doing crafts with your children is a lovely way to create memories, have some fun, and get to know what is inside their heads. When doing art with your children, make them tell you about what they see and think; let them share their feelings and experiences. Trust us: you will not regret it.

At Spimbey, we are all about creating memories and having fun. 

Art is the bridge that connects creativity with fun.

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