5 Writing Activities for Kids to Improve Expression.

Reading and writing are two fundamental cognitive abilities our children need to develop in the best way possible. Both are hard and meandering processes so; if we want to make the best out of the experiences when learning these abilities, we must find creative and fun ways to do them.

Writing skills are particularly important because they play a crucial role in helping our children to better express their ideas. Translating thoughts and ideas onto paper can be extremely difficult without a good set of writing skills. Unfortunately, it is very common to find reluctant writers among children.

But as usual, the practice makes the master. We have some writing activities for kids to help them improve the way they communicate.

Create a comic book.

This is a writing activity suitable for younger kids with some experience. The best part of this activity is that a comic book can be about pretty much everything your kid can imagine. It does not have to be about superheroes and villains fighting against each other.

You can find several free printables over the internet with the comic book design, but you can always create from scratch at home and make it an art and craft activity as well.

To keep the creative juices flowing and the challenge engaged, you can add several writing topics inside a bowl and make your children choose one, and that will be the topic of the comic book.

This is a fun activity you can do with your children and help them develop writing skills.

Promote writing on a dairy.

For kids to write, you must also create a safe environment where they feel protected.

Give your children the opportunity to keep track of their days, what they feel and how they see the world around them. Besides, writing ideas can come in handy later.

Some children can find real benefit from this activity because it gives them a place where they can be themselves and just tell the things as they see them.

Of course, we want our children to tell us everything they are going through, but there is nothing wrong with having a space of their own. As long as you make sure they know they can talk to you about everything, you should not be worried about your children growing apart from writing in the diary.

A writing contest.

The best part of this contest is nobody actually wins. You just need to make sure to have fun.

When it comes to creative writing activities for kids, there are several paths you can choose to make it a fun writing activity.
For example, you can create a “pool of ideas” for characters, themes, or a specific writing prompt and have your children write a story with the different options they end up choosing. This is a fantastic idea to also spark their creativity.

“Alternative endings” is another fun activity to do to promote creative writing and nurture imagination. Pick one of your children’s favorite stories. It does not have to be from a book; it can be from a TV show or a movie. Once you have it, challenge them to write a short version of an alternative ending for the movie.

You will be surprised by the things your children can come up with.

The collective writing.

For this exercise, the idea is to have a group of at least four children. The exercise begins when we give one of them a sheet of paper with the beginning of a story, and we ask him to continue writing what comes to his mind.

The child should also be told that they only have two minutes to do so. Then, the child will pass the sheet of paper to his partner on the right, who will have the same time to continue the story. And so on until the end. At the beginning of the exercise, we will explain that the story has to be completed, so the last of the children will have to finish it.

This is a challenging game that will put the collaborative abilities of children to use. The main goal is to create a story that makes sense with the unique input of every child.

The things around me.

This particular writing exercise is amazing for children with great imaginations. They must choose an object from a room in the house and write a story about that object. Where it came from, what it does, what feels.

But here is the hidden take: they cannot use the object’s name at any particular moment of their story. The story can be as long as they want it to be. However, we must tell you that the shorter the story, the more dynamic the activity will be.

When your children learn how to express themselves both orally and in writing, they acquire a great skill for their future. Make sure to do one of these activities from time to time.
Laughs are guaranteed.

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