5 Outdoor Summer Activities: Fun with the Sun Rays.

Summer months are here, and outdoor activities are us for the taking. Nothing better than a few weeks of good weather to enjoy nature’s wonders and spend quality time with our children and family.

If you have a local park near you or some great outdoor space you can take your kids to and have fun, make sure to have a good set of summer activities for kids to avoid the classic “I am bored” statement that scares parents around the globe.

As usual, Spimbey does the homework for you and we have some great outdoor summer activities that are guaranteed to deliver hours of fun to your children and the whole family. Let us get right into it.

Go on a hiking trip.

Sure, a water balloon fight with squirt guns is probably on the top of our minds when talking about outdoor summer, but in reality, this is the perfect season to go and explore nature.

This is more suitable for older children who already have a good domain of their gross and fine motor skills. Depending on the route you choose, you can even take the home pets with you and make it something about the whole family. If you want to get away from the city, add more difficulty, or discover new hiking tracks, you can always try applications such as ViewRanger or Galileo Offline Maps.

But, be aware of the dangers of hiking and other more “extreme” types of challenges. Always carry with you a lot of water to keep everybody hydrated and a first aid kit to treat minor injuries on the go. You can never be too trusted when you are dealing with children in open areas.

Three-foot race.

Have you ever wondered how would feel to run with an extra foot? Well, this is all that this game is about, and it is perfect for getting our kids to work together for a common goal.

If you have a couple of brothers or sisters that could use the extra bonding time or a bunch of kids with too much energy to spend, here is what you need to do for this game:

  • All players must be divided into pairs.

  • Each player has to stand next to his partner and tie one leg to the other. In this way, they have 3 “legs”.

  • All pairs are lined up at the starting point.

  • As soon as the race starts, the duos must reach the finish line running or walking, and for this, they have to coordinate their steps very well with their partner.

  • The first pair to reach the finish line is the winner.

More than winning and losing, this game is about working together and learning to communicate effectively with others. Try not to interfere with the children’s dynamics by giving them tips or rules during the game and letting them figure out everything by themselves. Trust us, laughter is guaranteed.

That’s how we roll.

Summer days are also great to start learning some new abilities. Biking and skating are among the activities children usually love to do since they represent a challenge.

But like every challenge, frustration can come along with it. Before trying to pursue this with your kids, make sure to have the classic “is the road what matters and not the final destination” type of conversation that can smooth some of the bad moods.

Also, biking or skating are dangerous activities because of the injury risk inherent to them. Have all the necessary protective gear these types of sports need to do them safely and keep an eye on your children at all times.
Yes, the dad who says it is holding the bike but he is not, we are talking to you directly.

Planting a tree.

Gardening may not seem like an appealing thing to do for children during the summer. Perhaps more “relaxed” type of children are the indicated ones for this activity, but certainly, every child can have fun and learn a lot of things while planting trees or gardening.

Unfortunately, the world is suffering from the footprint humans keep leaving behind. As parents, we have the power to change that through our children by teaching about being eco-friendly and taking care of the planet since it is the only one we have —Elon, in you we trust, but in the meantime, you now, it is better to recycle and stuff—.

Besides, gardening is great for calming children and puts them in direct contact with mother nature. They get to learn about how nature works, something that is always fascinating.

Playground water park.

If you have a playground at home, it is time to take out the plastic pool and the goggles and let the water run because it is about to get crazy in here.

Well, maybe not that crazy, but you know. It is summer, and you already have a playground on site (hopefully a Spimbey) so, what best way to take advantage of that than planning great water games?

Have you ever tried to do the hula hoops while they are covered in soap? Trust us: it is fun but harder than it seems!
Put the plastic pool at the end of the slide and let your children ride with style.

But be careful, do not make things too slippery since we want this to be an injury-free summer.

If you are looking to level up the playground experience, Spimbey is here for you with great-looking modular playsets that will deliver hours of fun to the entire family.

Explore our webshop to find the perfect fit for your garden and take home the gift of great times.

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