5 Family Outdoor Games to Enjoy: Keep the Fun Going!

We know the importance of being physically active. Outdoor activity is one the healthiest ways you can think of to sweat a little bit while getting the benefits of mother nature.

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard of your own or live close to public parks, these family outdoor games promise to keep the fun going and everybody active. As usual, Spimbey does the research for you, so you only need to worry about having a good time.

Let us get started!

An obstacle course.

A little bit of challenge has never hurt anybody. Still, more than fighting against each other, an obstacle course can become a great outdoor family activity that feels like summer camp and has all the fun.

The best part is that you do not really need that many materials to recreate a challenging course.

  • A few old tires
  • A stopwatch
  • A finishing line

Those three things will be enough; you can put almost everything you can think of in the middle. The possibilities are practically infinite! But more so, you can build the circuit with your children’s help and transform this into a bonding activity that lets them get creative.

Nowadays, you can turn almost any backyard into a small training center, thanks to the many obstacle course kits on the market. Deluxe versions include a taut strap (“slackline”) from which you can hang a cable or zip line, hooks, knots, and ropes for kids to swing, climb and hang from.

No trees? No problem, some kits include surface games.

A water balloon race.

This can be a fun outdoor game on its own or even a stage in the obstacle course activity from above. The choice is yours. The fun will be there for sure.

Grab some water balloon globes and fill them to the maximum. Then, place them on a wooden kitchen spoon and start walking the fast you can go towards the final line. But beware! If the water balloon falls, you must return to the starting line!


This outdoor game has become very popular for a good reason, it’s not complicated, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s ideal for playing in a group. The game consists of throwing bean bags to fall into -or as close as possible- holes in a raised platform.

You can vary this game almost as much as you can imagine, increase the challenge, and keep older kids engaged with the activity. For example, you can use different color platforms and assign various scores to them.

Another thing you can do to increase the challenge is to light up the weight on the bean bag. The lighter it gets, the harder it will be to make it fall into the holes of the platform!


Believe it or not, you can take this classic game to your backyard and make it like the US Open golf tournament. This is a great outdoor game to develop patience and eye-hand coordination, but most of all, to challenge every family member.

You can find little customized minigolf kits that you can lay out in whatever form you want. Make your children create the tour, so everybody can be part of the activity.

Playground games.

When you have a playground nearby or in your backyard, the possibilities for having fun are almost infinite.

Playgrounds on their own are entertaining, but indeed not for the entire family. However, you can do activities with your kids around the playground. Use it as part of the scenario to create fun games that will keep everybody having a great time!
Here are some of the ideas you can go for:

  • A classic scavenger hunt: use the playground surface to hide the forbidden treasure.

  • Giant Scrabble: create giant cardboard letters and use them to create words with playground-related terms.

  • Playground parties.

  • Capture the flag: the playhouse is the final station in the game of rescuing your team’s flag and take to safety.

  • Water piñata: Hang some water balloons from the high post in the playground. The goal is to blow the balloons without getting wet! Can you do it with a blindfold?

Not only are these games for families guaranteed fun, but they also are a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love. Sometimes, days and weeks get complicated and agitated. Still, in the end, your family and a backyard are all you need to create golden memories.

Spimbey aims to be that element that glues families under lovely times for many years. We craft our playsets with high-quality wood and stainless steel parts that deliver a safe playground experience that is also highly aesthetic.

Spimbey grows with you and your family. With the wide range of ages for which our playgrounds are safe, you can rest assured that your children will never lack chances to have a great time.

Spimbey is changing the meaning of fun one playset at a time.

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