4 Ways to Help your Children When Learning Something New.

The learning process is a very complicated one. For some kids, learning a new language or any other thing can come with some extra stress in their life. And yet, we must promote curiosity and discovering something new as a path for our children to become well-prepared teens and adults.

To learn a new skill is to put your children in an awkward position. They will have to deal with failure and not be able to do everything well in their first attempt. As parents, there are several strategies we can put in place to make the learning experience a little bit more pleasant for our children.

Follow some of these tips to make the most out of the experience of acquiring new knowledge.

Teach your children about goal setting.

If we want our children to be successful every time they engage in something new, it is important for them to learn the basics of goal setting and how to track results.

We have a complete blog entry about goal setting and some practices you can apply at home to form the necessary discipline your children will need to succeed in the different aspects of their lives. You can consult it here.

For now, here are some easy-to-follow recommendations to set goals with your children and get the better results:

  • Visualization is key: use progress sheets, blackboards, or any other type of device where your children are able to see all the progress they have made and how much before they complete the task.

  • Assing a specific time to learn: acquiring knowledge is also about discipline. Even if we are talking about 30 minutes a day, those minutes a day away from distractions will make the learning process a lot more effective.

  • Left room for entertainment: several studies have proved that the ability of children to acquire knowledge improves if they get to have breaks to do some physical activities or free play. But even watching tv for a little while before continuing with the process can go a long way. And guess what, you can find amazing options of modular outdoor playsets on our webshop.

Emotional management is key.

As we already said, everything we face on the path to learning something new, feelings of frustration and stress can take a toll on our mental health. For children, this is no different. For them, it can be even worse since they do not have the tools to battle these feelings.

Teach them relaxation techniques but more than that, focus your efforts on then being able to manage those feelings in a healthy way.

The best way to do this is to let them know that failing is also part of the process and is probably the most important part. There is no learning without error. But at school and in other aspects of life, failing is considered something negative.
It seems unlikely that your children won’t be using that same negative notion of failing if you don’t take the time to help them understand that some roads are bumpier than others.

Instruct your children about the importance of focusing on the process and what they have learned at every step of the way rather than just thinking about the final goal. The little steps are also victories.

Do not be afraid of using tech.

Of course, Spimbey being a brand that promotes physical activity and outdoor play, we always are cautious about recommending screen time for children.

However, the truth is that there are many free online learning platforms you can try with your children to help them reinforce the knowledge they already trying to acquire.

Apps like Luminosity or Duolingo are great educational apps you can try, but many others will make a contribution to your children’s path to learning something new. Just remember to be mindful about screen time and follow the recommendations according to your kids’ age.

Create the perfect place to be.

It seems kind of obvious, but not having the proper space to study and practice those new things we are trying to learn can and probably will hinder your children’s performance and ability to retain knowledge.

Make your children part of the process when creating this study hub. Have them decorate the place and organize it in a way they like. There is no simpler way to make them fall in love with the process than provide them with a space they feel they own.

At Spimbey, we want to help you with every aspect of your child’s developmental process. With our modular outdoor playsets, learning how to play won’t be a problem, and with our blog, we intend to provide you with tools to make the parenting journey a little bit more easy to carry.

Spimbey is the place where style and fun get to hang out.

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