4 Unique Children's Day Activities to Guarantee Fun.

Children’s Day is almost upon us and this lovely holiday is not complete with a good set of extra special activities to make sure everybody is having fun but also understanding the importance of this holiday around the globe.

Spending time with our children will always be a priority. It is the only way we have to know them better and better and to keep a tight family union as time goes by. Children’s Day is a special day of the year because it is a day to celebrate the most lovely stage of life.

Planning children’s day activities ahead will guarantee every child has the fun they deserve. Since we take fun very seriously here at Spimbey, we have some unique activities you can do with your children on this special day that is looking down on us.

Plant trees and flowers.

Nothing better for children than stepping out outdoors and breathing some fresh air. While being outside, children get the opportunity to strengthen their immune system and also learn new, exciting things.

This activity is perfect for children’s Day because it can provide us with a chance to teach something to our children about nature and the importance of taking care of our planet. More eco-friendly children mean a greater chance for our planet to keep sustaining life as we know it.

More than that, it is actually a very cute and symbolic activity. Children are the future, and they will grow and expand just as these trees and flowers will do. Plus, gardening can help your children deal with anxiety, stress, and other not-so-cool things that are common among children.

Build something cool.

If you are one of those parents gifted with great hands and skills, this is the perfect activity for you and your children. Nothing like a little bit of craftmanship to support our children’s developmental process.

It can be a fort, a firepit, birdhouses, or any other cool thing that can give you and your children a lot of time to share and create memories.

It does not have to be something that has a “use”. Of course, if that happens to be the case, just welcome it, but the main goal here is to experience the joy of building something together with your children.

For example, Kytes tend to be a fun art and craft project that also delivers hours of fun and challenges. You can decorate them with a Childres Day theme and live the moment at full.

The children’s Law.

This is a fun play pretend scenario that does not need too many things to carry on. On a piece of paper, your children must write five laws they would like to create for the house and the other five they do not like so much. After everything is on paper, you will put the different laws on 2 different cups and your children must pick one piece of paper from every cup.

The children’s Law will be valid for the rest of day (so make sure to do this close to bedtime), and the house law is suspended for one hour. Careful what you wish for because it can come true!

Home theater.

What child doesn’t like to watch movies with their favorite characters? A great idea to make this day enjoyable for their main characters is to prepare a marathon of their favorite movies by adapting the room as if it were a big movie theater.

You can fill the room with cushions, dim the lights and prepare delicious snacks like classic popcorn, popsicles, chopped fruit, fruit smoothies, chocolates, etc. So they can share a fun time while enjoying fantastic stories. Invite all their friends so they can share and have a great time.

A word from Spimbey.

Children’s Day is a beautiful holiday that gives us the chance to celebrate children around the globe and the hope that they carry to change the world to make it even better.

Every child hides a huge potential that is not always allowed to flourish due to the evil that sometimes covers the world. On this Children’s Day, Spimbey extends an invitation to all parents who follow us to reflect upon this subject.

What are you doing to create a better world for your children? What can you do? After all, this society and cultures are for them and all the experiences they are about to have.

Spimbey is a place where you can find a tool to glue your family around tradition and memory.

Our modular outdoor playsets are not only a place where your children get to use all their body parts to play but a place where you get the chance to share bonds and live experiences.

Visit our webshop and take home the gift of joy.

Fun is easier with Spimbey at home.

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