Reasons to Get a Dog (Or Any Other Pet) For Your Children.

It is safe to say that kids love pets. And what is not to love about them? They offer a very special type of companion and unconditional love. Dogs are great, and there are several breeds that can create a very special bond with your children and other family members.

But having a furry friend at home, whether it is a cat, a bunny, or a dog, is not something to take lightly. After all, having a pet requires lots of responsibility and attention.

You may be wondering about reasons to get a dog (or any other pet) and if those reasons are good enough to add the extra commitment to your household. Let us dive right into it.

It helps with emotional development.

One of the great benefits of dogs for children is that they can be an extremely useful tool to develop important emotions such as compassion or empathy.

Think about it pets depend on their owners to survive. Even though their instincts will probably help them to get through a difficult situation, the truth is that residential dogs or cats have fewer “abilities” to survive in the wild.

Children who own dogs will learn to take care of the animal and to think about it in different scenarios. If they don’t do it, nobody will, and the animal will suffer the consequences.

Having a pet could be the first step on the long path of teaching our children about empathy and the importance of others.

Promotes physical activity.

Pets, especially dogs, are full of energy. For pets, it is very important to get some physical activity since they need it to live a long and healthy life next to our children.

If you are having trouble promoting physical activity in your children, having a dog may be the solution you are waiting for (Besides the obvious option, which is a Spimbey playground).

Different health associations recommend, at least, 150 minutes of exercise per week. Children can get away with less since they are usually very active on a daily basis, yet, they must get a good amount of physical activity.

Throwing the ball or simply walking the dog will be a great way to draw our children outdoors and make them sweat a little with some daily exercise.

It helps them to ease anxiety.

Even though there are not many scientific studies about the relationship between owning a pet and the impact on certain emotions, certain studies have shown the impact owning a pet can have on certain people.

This particular study found that:

“Two studies measured anxiety as an outcome in youth pet ownership. Having a pet dog was associated with a decreased likelihood of general anxiety (12% of children with dogs met the clinical cut-off value for anxiety compared with 21% of children without dogs) as measured by commonly used and validated mental health assessment tools, specifically Panic (“My child gets really frightened for no reason at all”), Separation Anxiety (“My child is afraid to be alone in the house”) and Social phobia/anxiety (“My child is shy”), in an American study of children aged 4–10-years in a pediatric primary care setting.”

It seems that dog owners, especially children, can ease their anxiety levels by having the companion of an animal.

It can facilitate social exchanges.

Every time someone has a dog and is walking it in public, there is a chance for some sort of social interaction.

More than that, by easing the general level of anxiety, children with pets are more likely to deal with social exchanges healthily. The way our children develop is strongly influenced by the environment and the people around them.

As we establish before, emotional development can take place thanks to having a pet. Children who own dogs or pets are more likely to replicate those feelings of empathy and compassion towards humans.

The takeaway

Having a dog at home is a huge responsibility that we need to be sure that our kids are ready for.

Before adopting or buying a pet, we recommend studying and observing our children’s behavior and the dynamics of our home. There is no use for a pet if no one will pay attention to it.

However, the benefits outweigh the concerns about having a pet at home. Our children will have a lovely companion that can help them shape who they are towards other people.

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