4 Great Easter Activities Outdoors.

The Easter holiday is one the most lovely ones. Kids and adults alike get together to have some fun and hunt for the magic eggs. More than that now that the weather is in our favor, it is the perfect time to have fun with some Easter Activities Outdoors.

We know that outdoor activities are a must for kids. They get some physical activity while enhancing their motor and cognitive skills. What is the best way to take advantage of that other than planning some Easter activities outdoors for our children (and us) to have fun?

Of course, at Spimbey, we always got your back, so we have come up with some cool outdoor activities Easter-related, so you only have to worry about having a blast!

The playground easter egg hunt

Of course, when talking about easter activities, the classic outdoor easter game cannot miss the list. However, since here at Spimbey, we like to make things different, we think you may enjoy the playground version of this game.

Your kids will love the mix between the challenge of the hunt and the endless fun a playground gives. Use the play area as part of the scenario for the search and find the chocolate eggs. You can hide certain clues in parts of the playground.

Let your children’s imagination run wild while Spimbey transforms your backyard into a land where everything is possible! To make the activity even more Spimbey, we have some cool easter prints you can use to decorate de eggs. You can download them here.

If you are looking for a way to connect with your children and do something fun, check our website and see for yourself how style and fun look together.

Easter egg, easter egg, what secrets do you bear?

This game requires the use of plastic easter eggs. Of course, you can find egg-form plastic molds on the internet, but you can also do them using a plastic bottle and some cutters.

Then, you fill the eggs with some random objects your children are familiar with. You can use coins, beans, little toys, and other similar objects. Once you have filled the eggs, seal them and decorate them with clues about the objects inside.

This is the part you will have to do on your own since we do not want our children to know what we put in them.

Go outside and do the hunting for the different mysterious eggs. Every time a child or an adult finds one, they must take a guest on what is inside. This game will put everybody’s mind to work harder, It puts an extra challenge on the classic hunting outdoor activity for kids, but the fun is guaranteed!

Decorate some Easter treats.

Another great activity you can easily take outdoors. Bake some cookies and other typical Easter treats. Once they are all ready, take them outside and set up an art and craft stand.

Every child will have the chance to decorate their treat the way they want it, it does not even have to be an easter theme!
After the decoration, you can propose exchanging the treats. That way, everybody will have some bakery art created by someone else. What a way to spend the day, uh?

The banned number.

In this game, all players must sit in a circle. The players then take turns counting the numbers in succession: 1, 2, 3, 4….. Then, when the number seven is reached, the player in turn should say “I love the Easter Bunny” instead of seven.

When one of the children makes a mistake and says the forbidden number instead of the magic phrase, it will cost them being out of the game.

The game will continue until only one player is left to be declared the winner. If speed and dynamism are added to this game, as the turns progress, laughs are a guarantee!

Now that you have these four activities, it is time to spend some time with the family while having crazy fun outdoors. Remember, every chance you get to play with your children is a chance to create long-lasting memories with them.

Since Spimbey is the ally of fun, we offer you many possibilities to give it a new turn to the playground experience.

And you? What are some of your family’s favorite easter activities? Share them with us! We would love to read you.

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