4 Effective Activities for Children with Anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety is complicated. Unfortunately, this condition among children is far more common than what we would like to accept. However, paying attention to our children and seeing if they are feeling anxious regularly is an important thing to do to help them overcome this obstacle.

Anxiety is hard on adults, and children are no exception to this. According to recent studies by the CDC, a lot of children are dealing with the same levels of stress and anxiety as adults, especially middle-aged children and teenagers.
Children with anxiety can find comfort and calmness by doing fun activities that help them blow some stem and, most importantly, develop coping skills.

As usual, Spimbey does the work for you; we have come up with 4 activities for children with anxiety you can start applying right away.

A little bit of free play.

We live in crazy times. As parents, we are usually running from one place to another, and we tend to sign up our children for as many extracurricular activities as we can think of. Do not get us wrong: it is good for children to have things to do, especially when those things can help them develop new abilities.

Yet, too many extracurricular activities can lead to our children suffering from stress and anxiety since these activities are “things to do”. Children tend to think of these extracurricular activities as obligations rather than enjoyment.

Free play or unstructured play gives our children the opportunity to have fun on their own, without adult coaching or instructions. Free play lets our children use their imagination and creativity and come up with new ways to have a great time.

Our children will use this free time to play without obligations or ambitions to reach a specific goal, allowing them to free the minds of their anxiety triggers. More than that after several free play sessions, your children will develop a sense of what things work for them and which do not.

An extra tip: you can throw some stress balls very casually in the middle of the play session and see if your children use them. But remember, do not force it or give instructions, just put them there as another tool for your children to deal with their stress levels.

You can read more about free play and its importance in one of our previous blog entries here.

Arts and crafts to ease the mind.

Drawing, painting, playing with Play-Doh, etc, are among the many activities for kids with anxiety that keep proving themselves very useful in the stress management department.

It is known that art has a therapeutical effect on people and that it is a powerful tool to battle anxiety, often recommended by mental health experts.

A piece of paper, some colors, and lots of imagination can go a long way for anxious children.

However, just like the free play scenario, this should feel as natural and free to our children as possible. Let them unravel their creativity with whatever the child finds calming enough. It is important not to impose anything and keep things smoothly.

Feel free to add glitter or glitter glue to the equation. Messy children are happy children.

Outdoor exercise and activities.

These past two years with “the virus that must not be namedhave taught us the importance of being outdoors for our overall mental health. Being too much time in the same enclosure space can drive us a little bit too crazy. For our children, this is not an exception.

If your children are feeling anxious, try taking them outdoors for a free play session or to do some exploration in the immediate surroundings. A hike in the woods or simply walking in natural fields and deep breathing some fresh air can provide great therapeutical relief to our children.

Besides, doing exercise releases endorphins, which are an antagonist or cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”). After a good exercise session, we tend to feel calmer.

Spimbey is the perfect companion for this part of the adventure. Our modular outdoor playsets will transform your backyard into a magical place where your children will always want to go. While they play, they will learn new things, abilities that will come in handy later in life.

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Create and implement routines.

In the face of an uncertain situation, routines can be an emotional refuge that helps create a safe place for children. Having a schedule and a set of activities keeps their minds active, and gives them structure and a resource to stay positive after completing assigned tasks.

In addition to schoolwork, homework, and exercise, the general recommendation is to allow children to participate in the selection of activities, that way, the routine will include things they like, and they will feel taken into account in family life.
In the same way, it is important to keep in mind that the purpose of the routine, both for parents and children, is to create an environment of stability, a safe space. No routine or schedule is set in stone, and if something is not working, it is crucial to have the openness and flexibility to change it, whether for one day or permanently.

The routine, in this case, would exist to meet the psychological and emotional needs of the family, not the other way around.

At Spimbey, we are committed to creating products that can help children in different stages and areas of their lives.

Growing up is a messy yet beautiful process. Spimbey wants to be with you every step of the way.

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