4 Early Childhood Stimulation Activities for Development.

Early stimulation is an essential part of the child development process.

Think about it this way: during the early years of a child’s life, there are so many things they cannot do for themselves. We must provide them with food, shelter, and warm and stimulating activities so their brain development can progress without significant repercussions.

It is crucial to immerse both toddlers and young children in a nurturing environment where they can interact with different stimulation forms to grow and display different skillsets they will need later in life.

There is no better way to learn than with playing activities; thus, we have come up with these 4 early childhood stimulation activities to guide our children’s developmental process.

Finding the missing object.

This is a straightforward, powerful activity to help our children grow and strengthen their gross motor skills. As the name suggests, it is all about finding one missing object from the room, preferably if it is familiar, so that the child can quickly identify it.

You will guide your child with your voice and specific instructions, so try to be as clear as possible when telling them clues about the object’s whereabouts.

Let a tiny part of the object in plain sight to make things even easier so your children can feel the satisfaction of finding something by themselves.

Even though it sounds lame, this game is the classic exploratory play type of activity. When a child explores their surroundings, they get to move, touch, feel, and finally, discover many things. In the process of doing so, they can acquire and grow their skill set to face later life situations. 

In addition, your instructions will help them understand concepts like up, down, or close while enriching their vocabulary.

Early childhood development depends heavily on our kid’s ability (and desire) to move and explore. Still, without proper incentives, this will not happen.

This activity is more suited for children between 6 months and 2 years old, and you can upgrade the challenge as time passes.

Play doughs and paint.

We know, we know, you can now see mayhem coming. Most parents will run from the idea of giving their children paint and play dough to run around the house and be creative.

Still, something as simple as covering your baby’s finger with some paint and passing it around a piece of paper can significantly affect their cognitive development.

Sensory stimulation is one of the babies’ most basic forms of early stimulation. The baby’s first perceptions of touch are very intense and essential as it is a sense that is present from the very beginning.

This activity develops their imagination, creativity, and agility. Children get to differentiate their fingers to later be able to separate their index fingers from the other fingers, thus improving their fine motor skills. 

They will also discover the unusual texture of the paint and play dough. To enrich their vocabulary, tell them the name of each color in which you introduce their finger.

This is the sound of music.

Yep, if you have been reading, you know this suggestion was about to pop out any second: music!

And you may think: children need no music to develop. Yet, sound stimulation favors emotional and affective development, sharpens auditory perception, improves the child’s motor skills and coordination, and supports language development.

We connect through our senses. A voice or a song can bring us back to places and people we love.

  • Make sure to provide your children with sonorous objects they can interact with constantly, such as rattles or toy instruments.

  • Clap with them. You can jazz it up by adding some rhythm.

  • Fill plastic bottles with beans or other objects and shake them up!

  • Kids love animal sounds. Pick your child’s favorite animal, and let the jungle be heard!

Outdoor activities.

You can replicate all these activities in outdoor spaces and expose your children to mother nature from their very first years. Exploratory and sensory play is fascinating for children to do in outdoor areas.

You can have a set of garden toys that fulfill some of the intentions outlined before, or you can count that Spimbey has your back.

Our modular outdoor playgrounds are the perfect solution to provide your children in their early years with everything they will need to develop healthy and beautiful.

Spimbey mixes all the ingredients for fun to create an upgraded playing experience that also looks fantastic in your backyard. From monkey bars to sand pits, you can find a playground that fits your child and family’s needs.

A Spimbey is the swiss army knife of child development. Kids from 3 to 13 years old can come and have fun with us and our products. You can rest assured your investment to provide entertainment (and learning experiences) for your family is safe with us.

We take fun as a serious matter.

Either way, now that you are a parent, always have a stimulating, nurturing activity for your children and the journey they are about to embark on.

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