4 Cool Things To Do During The Summer: Fun & Learning!

Summer is the perfect time to gather the family and have a great time. It is also a great time of the year to visit state parks and other natural attractions our country offers. It all sounds fantastic with warm weather, sunlight, and a cool drink under the umbrella.

But none of this means anything if we get to hear those three horrible words: I am bored!

Oh yes, boredom has no working schedule, and it is always wandering around looking for opportunities to bring moods down. But fear not!

Spimbey is here with a list of cool things to do during the summer with your children and other family members, so no summer day goes without a little bit of fun in it!

First, the classics.

So, during the hot summer day, there are a few things that are staples of this season and won’t let you down in your mission to bring the fun down. Things you must try with your children until you have something everybody enjoys! Let us call it the essential summer bucket list.

  • Water balloon fight: nothing better to keep everyone hydrated and fresh.

  • Slip ‘n slide: a long piece of plastic, soap, and water are the 3 elements of this slippery ride. Be careful not to go too fast!

  • Bike ride: a great time to learn this fantastic skill or enjoy it on long rides with the family in a local park.

  • Ice cream season: well, every season is ice cream season, but you know, the heat and everything. Take summer days inside into the kitchen and prepare some delicious, healthy homemade ice cream. A handful of fruits and some greek yogurt can go a long way.

  • A road trip: this is always a fantastic idea to gather the family and have a great time. Still, since almost everybody is on vacation during summer days, it is easier to schedule a visit to the old lake house. Remember to pack a few healthy snacks for the road. We got you covered with that. Just click here.

Let’s fly a kite.

Flying a kite is another classic from summer days. Still, we want it to give its own space because we consider this to be one of the most incredible activities to do over the hot days of the year.


First, you need to assemble the kite, and this activity in itself is excellent for promoting your children’s creativity and imagination. Think about it, what if the kite has the form of a spaceship? A Buzz Lightyear type of thing.

But the sky is the limit (you get it? Because they are kites. Yeah, well. Dad joke time), and your children can paint and decorate the final product in every way possible.

By now, we are pretty sure you know the importance of these artistic activities for our children’s developmental process.
Second, flying a kite is actually quite challenging. It requires a lot of coordination and a keen sense to detect air currents.

Although it can be frustrating, finally putting that kite in the air is one of the most incredible feelings of childhood days.

So, outdoors, art, crafts, and challenges. It almost sounds made up or too good to be true, but do not skip on this activity if your goal is to have a wholesome moment with your children.

Look at the starts.

(look how they shine for you. No? No one?)

Anyway, summer days also give us excellent opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn our universe’s intricacies. Well, maybe not that deep, but for sure, looking at the stars is always a great way to teach our kids about our planet.

But even if you or your child are not a crazy science person, this is a lovely activity to do with all the family on a clear night full of shine. Find a spot in your garden or even in a park you have nearby, pack some marshmallows and get ready to see all the wonders our planet offers.

If you feel adventurous, a camping night can complete a great day of quality time with the family.

Start a journal.

Journaling can be very therapeutic for our children. It is a tool they can use to feel safe and to enhance their communication abilities. Even though it sounds like homework, for the more quiet type of children, this is actually a suitable activity to keep them engaged.

Anything can be a journal/diary. From a simple school notebook to more elaborate products you can find in bookstores across the country. Does your kid have a favorite superhero or character from a book or movie? There is probably a piece of memorabilia out there with this person’s face, which can encourage your child even more to pursue the activity.

There are many creative prompts for children you can use to give them the extra push they will probably need to start writing about their day, life, and experiences.

If your children are really into this activity, you can always find a writing workshop near you since there are very common during summertime, so you should not have a problem finding one. This is also great for your kid to meet new people and share experiences.

Create a comic book.

Similar to the writing activity, creating a comic book can give our children a great chance to test their abilities and how they narrate things. Telling a story is never easy, but you can learn how to do it in a cool way, and comic books provide us with that platform.

Besides working on their representation and creativity skills, your children will have to structure the story in a way that makes sense, so everyone can read it and understand it (as much as you can follow a story told by a kid).

“The summer adventures of” can be the title of this next production. But whatever subject you or your children pick will do the trick to entertain them and give them a chance to learn something.

Summer is Spimbeys favorite season of the year because it is where our playsets can shine the most and fulfill the purpose of uniting the family under hours of fun that also looks good. Let us carry the burden of entertaining your children.

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