4 Benefits of Having a Modern Backyard Playground.

Playgrounds are one of the best ways to keep children entertained while helping them to build confidence and develop both gross and fine motor skills. Today we’ll talk about the benefits of having a modern backyard playground.

Even though we live in times where everything seems to come packed on a bright screen, there is something about playgrounds and outdoor playing furniture overall that keeps drawing kids outdoors to have some fun. 

The production of playgrounds has evolved a lot in recent years. Quality materials and stylish designs are the main characteristics of a modern backyard playground. 

Nowadays, a swing set can be more than that, and you can combine your outdoor playset with the overall aesthetics of your garden and create a great landscape experience for both adults and kids —here at Spimbey, we love every time we have a win-win situation— 

Here you can check some of the other benefits of having a modern backyard playground at home. 

Modern playgrounds offer easy installation. 

This is definitely one of the best advantages of having a modern type of playground. The evolution in the manufacturing process has allowed brands, such as Spimbey, to create playgrounds with an easy installation process. 

Older models of playgrounds are usually massive structures that require a full toolbox and a degree to install them properly, but fortunately, times have changed.

No more leftover screws

No more calling a contractor to help you with the installation

No more gathering all the engineers and architects of the family to figure something out.

Assembly your playground shouldn’t be a headache. It should be as easy as calling the Avengers for a quick reunion. Our modern backyard playgrounds come with pre-drilled parts with crystal clear instructions so you can carry on the process in an hour or so. 

With modern designs come modern extra features. 

Another great advantage of going for a modern backyard playground is that you can find options in the market that offers the possibility to add other features as quickly as the snap of your fingers. 

At Spimbey, we offer modular playsets designs that you can build and put together as if they were legos we were talking about.

This particular characteristic gives you the possibility to make the most out of your investment. A playhouse does not have to be only that, you can add extra items, or a play-pretend area to multiply the fun and encourage your children even more to outdoor activities. 

The aesthetics of it. 

It goes without saying that aesthetics are an important part of every household. We want to create spaces full of good vibes and with a great look. 

For some people, aesthetics might not be as important as other things, but no doubt that it is something to keep in mind when looking for playgrounds for your backyard. 

Our backyard is a place where we will spend a tremendous amount of time with our children and family, and if we want a balanced environment between children and adult entertainment, a modern type of design is the best alternative. 

Better materials equal better safety. 

The evolution in the manufacturing process and safety measures of playgrounds results in the use of better materials to build the different structures. 

Even though the raw materials remain the same (wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, vinyl), the treatment of those materials is being made with a different mindset. 

For Spimbey, we chose wood as our main raw material, but we did not stop there. We researched thoroughly to come up with the best type of wood, which is the Chinese cedarwood (from the Cypress family), a wood that is naturally resistant to decay and weather conditions. 

Thanks to that, your investment is secured to have a long lifespan while providing tons of fun and great memories to your children. 

If you are looking for the next playground experience, Spimbey is here to rescue you and your children from the abysm of boredness. 

We combine safety, style, and fun in one place to deliver the best products for your children’s entertainment. 

Check our shop today to find out more about our products, their dimensions, and the different combinations we offer to fit your available space. 

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