3 Things to Ponder About on This Next Kid's Day.

Children’s Day is an international holiday that celebrates the beauty of childhood. The idea is to honor childhood as the golden stage of life that it is; and also reflect on realities that affect many children around the globe.

This date is celebrated in all countries around the world with different dates. For the USA, Children’s Day usually is celebrated on the second Sunday in June.

On Kids Day, we as parents have the opportunity to spend time with our children on special events that celebrates them and also a chance to talk to them about important things happening in other parts of the world. Here are some good topics you and your children can discuss:

The importance of “the other”

As our children grow to become teenagers and adults, it is important for them to develop the notion of “the other”. The world is full of people, and we cannot expect to know or understand everything going on.

Discuss with your children about realities that other countries of families endured to develop in them that sense of empathy and care for others. Raisin empathic children will make the world a better place.

As new caring generations arrive, cultural and social problems that were once in the dark suddenly become noticeable, and that is what makes the world a more suitable place to live for all people.

We cannot accept discrimination as a way of interaction.

What other children endure.

This topic goes in the same order as the one above. The reality is that many children around the globe suffer from different forms of abuse. International Children’s Day is a holiday that also aims to shed some light on these problems and find common and efficient ways to end children’s exploitation.

Talking with your children about this is fundamental if we want to raise children who are sensitive to injustice and discrimination. It is not like we want them to become a Supreme Court judge with a high sense of morality. It is just about making them aware that not every child has the same possibilities as they do.

It is not necessary to tell your children they are privileged in some way. The discussion does not need to go that way. It is more about creating a conscience that realities vary from family to family and that some children may be fighting a battle we cannot see.

The importance of living the moment

Let us face it: we miss being children now that we are adults. But while we were children, we were always daydreaming about being adults and having no one tell us what to do (yeah, well, nobody tells you how things will probably go).

On this Children’s Day, talk with your children about the beauty of enjoying every moment of happiness or sadness they have. To embrace every experience and not worry so much about things that are yet to pass.

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