3 Playground Decoration Ideas to Light Up Your Garden.

Playgrounds are amazing tools we can use to draw our children to do outdoor activities.

Every time our children get to go outside and play, they are getting tons of benefits for their physical and mental health as well as for their development. These days, where all is about bright screens and augmented reality, every minute under the sun is priceless.

If you want to create the best playing experience, you can follow some of the advice we have for you here.

In the meantime, let us talk about some playground decoration ideas so your backyard and play area can become the cheerful place they should be.

Use old tires.

This is a classic hack you can apply to give an extra touch of fun and style to the playground area. Since children play with almost everything they can play with, the tires will for sure add something to the fun.

But no one wants some old, ugly tire in the middle of their yard, right? Especially if you have an aesthetic playground like the ones you can find at Spimbey. Here is when you take out the paintbrush to put it at the service of your children’s imagination.

This is a perfect opportunity to provide our children with a space where they can express themselves. More than that, it will help them feel that sense of belonging toward the playground and the play area, which guarantees the use of the structure.

The path of the fireflies.

Well, you do not have to use fireflies to create the effect, but bear with us.

The main idea is to create a path using lights to brighten the garden. You can use a set of Christmas lights since they always fit everywhere. But remember, you must put some form of protective cover on the cables to avoid any tripping incident. We recommend you glue them to the ground and then cover them.

The playground can also be a part of the festival of lights. Depending on your playground design, you can create a luminous path right at the entry point of the structure.

Take the chalkboard outside.

Who says that chalkboards are only for school purposes? Fewer things are more appealing to children than having a surface where they can draw whatever is going through their minds.

The good thing is, nowadays, you do not need to buy an actual chalkboard and figure out how to put it inside the playground or somewhere in the play area. You can find chalkboard-like pieces of vinyl that you can later glue to almost any type of surface.

After that, you will only need to have a set of colorful chalks at hand for your children to unravel their creativity and imagination. Promoting self-expression activities in outdoor environments can potentially bring several benefits to the cognitive development of our children so do not miss this opportunity.

At Spimbey, we want every child to thrive and get excited about having a playground at home, but we also care about the looks and overall safety.

We design our modular outdoor playsets thinking about all the years ahead and how we can be with you and your family during those times. Spending time with your children and strengthening your relationship with them has never been easier.

Take a look at our webshop and take advantage of the last sunny days of the season with Spimbey at home.

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