3 Games to Play on Playground Equipment.

If you are a parent, you are probably familiar with those “kill the mood” sentences like “I am bored” or “There is nothing to do here”, and so on.

Children love to play, and playing outdoors is something that we, as parents, should encourage since there are lots of benefits for our children when playing outside.

Playground equipment is always a safe option to guarantee hours of fun for our children. However, we live in an era full of distractions so, if we want to make the most out of our playset, we should care about creating a great playing experience for our children. If you want some extra tips on how to create the perfect play area, go and visit one of our previous entry blogs.

Since boredom is never an option for Spimbey, we have 4 games to play on playground equipment that will deliver fun and joy. Let us get right into it.

Create an exercise circuit.

This is an activity you can adapt for children of all ages. One of the many advantages of exercise circuits is that you do not really need that much to create them, and they bring a lot of fun to the playday.

You just need a start and finish line, a timer, and you can throw pretty much everything in the middle. Besides the obvious physical challenge an exercise circuit represents, they are also great to develop a sense of healthy competition. You can have a large group of children doing the circuit and compete with each other in a safe environment.

Certain parts of the playground can be used as part of the circuit. Monkey bars and climbing frames are the best options since they indeed represent a challenge. Please notice that not many children should be using monkey bars or climbing frames at the same time.

Of course, Spimbey can help you out by providing an aesthetic and safe wooden playset with monkey bars. Check our different configurations at our shop.

A scavenger hunt

This is one of those great games kids will love to play. Even though this is not a playground game perse, you can use a side of the playground to hide some of the objects your children have to find.

Now, if by any chance you happen to have more than one child, or if some of your kids’ friends are around, you can divide them into different teams and give the same set of clues. The team that cracks more clues and finally finds the hidden treasure wins the game.

Again, this is a great option since you do not need too many things to recreate the experience of a treasure hunt. Just a couple of old objects and some imagination to create the clues. 

The playground can be a place where some of those objects are hidden, or it can also be the “operation center”; the place where the team can gather to “analyze” the clues.

Playground touch and go.

This is a fun game many children can play at the same time. Pick a song, any song, and play it with some speakers. While the music plays, the children must circle around the playground.

When you hit the stop bottom, they all need to make contact with a part of the playground you previously picked. The last to touch the surface loses. Now, the kids that are no longer playing can function as “cops” of the game, making sure nobody is cheating their way to the final victory.

To make it even more challenging, you can have the children hold hands while going around the playset. The tension will rise, but the fun will too.

Here are some other options of games you can go for:

  • Capture the flag: the playset can be the place where you need to go and retreat or plant the flag.

  • Hide and seak: even though there is not much room to hide in a playground, children can use it as a safe zone for the game.

  • Catch the ball: the playground can be the “net”, and your children can pass the ball from one side to the other. The one who catches the ball the most will be the winner.

  • The “clue house”: in this play pretend scenario, the playground will be a place full of mysteries and clues to solve that mystery. This particular game is an amazing tool to promote creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

As you can see, there are many options for games to play on a playground. You can put creativity to use and invent as many games as you want.

The most important part is to find a way to encourage children to spend time outside and get some physical activity.
Spimbey is the ally of fun. Our modular outdoor playsets are designed to provide a great look while also delivering hours and hours of fun.

Visit our shop today and find the different options you can go for when it comes to outdoor playsets. Customize the play experience and match your garden with the most aesthetic playsets.

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