3 Benefits of Bedtime Yoga for Kids.

Exercise is probably one of the best things we can do to take care of our bodies.

For children, exercise is particularly important since we have several studies over the last decade showing a close connection between exercise and an overall improvement in cognitive abilities.

More than that, exercise releases endorphins and helps our nervous system to stay in balance. A balanced body is a healthy body.

However, when we think about exercise, we often think about very physical things such as running, jumping, or simply monkeying around. All these activities are great, and they provide many benefits to our children, however when it is time to go to bed, maybe it is not such a great idea to overstimulate our children.

Bedtime yoga for kids is one of those great ideas you can apply to smooth your kids and help them to have a great night’s sleep. Look no further we bring you some of the benefits of yoga sessions for your children at nighttime.

It helps them to create a routine.

Humans are creatures of habits and especially for children, having a bedtime routine is a great way to help them get the rest they need to face the challenges of every day.

Bedtime yoga can be part of a ritual before going to bed. As parents, we all know how difficult bedtimes can be. Children have so much energy, and sometimes they want to keep going —even though they are physically and mentally exhausted.
If you manage to sneak some yoga poses right before bed and make this a routine, your children will have a good night and some quality rest.

You can combine some bedtime yoga with bedtime stories to create the perfect smoothing routine to get your children into bed.

Yoga creates a great body-mind connection.

Overall, exercise is great for creating a balance between body and mind.

When practicing yoga, children will further understand the way their bodies feel and work in harmony with their minds. More than that, yoga stabilizes blood pressure and therefore brings a calmness to both body and mind.

Children can reach a better knowledge of their feelings and how to express them properly if they smooth their attitude first with some yoga poses.

Practicing right before bedtime will help them put at ease anxiety or any other negative feeling they might be experiencing after a long and tedious day.

Bedtime yoga for kids offers you the possibility of doing something different.

Besides all the benefits to the physical and mental health of our children, yoga can function as a way to do something different every day.

You can try to practice the yoga routine in different spaces around the house. This can become a family activity for everybody in the house like a great way to finish the day.

More than that, bedtime yoga for kids will encourage exercise as a part of daily life for your children, which, in the end, will benefit them greatly later in their lives.

At Spimbey, we promote playing and any form of physical activity overall to raise healthy children with lots of energy to spend.
Do you have an exercise routine for children before bedtime? Share it with us in the comment section! We love to hear from our spimbers and the way they experience life.

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