3 Backyard Activities for Kids to have Fun

Outdoor play is an essential part of childhood. We all carry those memories of autumn or summer days, playing outside with whatever thing nature has to offer.

Despite taking our kids to outdoor activities being more challenging these days, that does not mean we should not be taking advantage of the green spaces we have at our disposal.

Kids love to play and if you have a backyard at home, it is time you start making the most out of that space to ensure hours of fun and learning.

These backyard activities for kids are a lifesaver when boredom wants to take the fun away! It is time to have a good time.

Playground activities.

You saw it coming, but what can we say? Playgrounds, playsets, and all types of backyard play equipment are great for providing fun outdoor activities for kids, thanks to their versatility.

With playground equipment, children get the opportunity to acquire and enhance both gross and fine motor skills that are of huge importance to a child’s developmental process. Monkeying around on the playset will always be a fun backyard activity that also provides children with a chance to engage and interact with each other.

You can use the play area and the playground itself as the scenario for a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, a water balloon fight on the summer days, a creativity station, and so much more. You can read about ideas to craft the perfect play area here.

Spimbey is upgrading the playing experience, one playground at a time.

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In the end, we want our children to step aside from their bright screens and video games and get some sunlight, but it is our job to provide them with a stimulating environment where they can be children having tons of fun.

Any playground equipment, even a DIY type, will do the trick to drawing our children to outdoor spaces.

Let the creativity river flows free.

One of the greatest types of backyard activities is those where your children’s imagination plays a key role. Watching our children use their creativity to develop games and whole worlds will remain among the most beautiful things about being a parent.

Your backyard can be the place where your children get to recreate their favorite movie scene or character, where they can invent games on their own and project their imaginations to do wonders.

When creating your play area, make sure to make some room for more “peaceful” types of activities and playing scenarios such as arts and crafts or play pretend activities. Creativity and imagination and their use alongside play pretend can bring a lot of benefits to our children’s development. For example:

  • Helps with language acquisition

  • Enhance problem-solving skills

  • Craftmanship nurtures and strengthens fine motor abilities.

  • Creativity is often associated with success. Creative people think outside the box to bring innovative solutions to problems. Be sure to exercise your kids’ imagination on a daily basis.

  • Abstract thinking is closely linked to both creativity and imagination.

These activities involving the use of their brains in more unique ways, combined with the outdoor spaces, also create the perfect chance for exploratory play, which is an essential part of the developmental process of children, especially in the early years.

You can read more about the importance of exploratory play here.

Backyard challenges.

These kids’ outdoor activities will bring laughter to your home and ensure hours of entertainment. Nothing more exciting than a challenge to spicy things up. Take them to your backyard and have some fun:

  • Hunt the apple: hang some apples on a tree (or your Spimbey) and challenge your kids to knock them down, but they can only use their mouths!

  • Water balloon race: A fun and refreshing option to do on hot days is a water balloon race with wooden kitchen spoons. Keeping the balloon from falling is not as easy as it looks!

  • Target practice: easy mechanics and lots of challenges. Paint a number on different carton (like 10, 20, 50, and 100) plates and have your children throw some rocks at it. Whoever gets the most points in a row will win the game.

  • Soap boat races: this is a great idea, especially for the hot summer days. The first thing you have to do is to craft the boats with bars of soap, sticks, and cardboard. The next thing is to get a channel and a hose, and finally, put your boats to sail. Which one will be the fastest?

Having a backyard is a privilege not many families get to have. Be mindful of this and take advantage of all the wonders nature has to offer. Take your children outdoors to have fun and experience life in a more natural way.

Spimbey wants to be the partner that pushes your children to achieve great things but also a place where you get together with them to spend quality and meaningful moments.

Our playgrounds will bring the family together in a time when everything seems to go so fast.

Spimbey is the ally of fun.

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