About Spimbey

Spimbey Believes in Stylish, Carefree & Fun Play


We believe in imaginative fun and carefree outdoor play that doesn’t sacrifice style. That’s why we created premium modular outdoor playsets, expertly designed with form, function and sustainability in mind.  At Spimbey we strive to create a proper balance between the digital and offline worlds – inspiring kids to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with their imaginations, playmates and the outdoors. 


We prioritize safety and quality in all of our products so your little ones can enjoy their playtime for years to come. Spimbey was founded with over 30 years of experience in the outdoor playset space with the goal of helping families upgrade childhood a staple while fueling imaginative outdoor play – essential for development. 


At Spimbey we believe that outdoor play is essential to the growth and development of the next generation. Each customizable wooden playset is designed to inspire highly creative and curious play to stimulate socialization, meaningful outdoor play and learning experiences. 


Our products are quality controlled so your child plays with the safest products available. Each playset is produced with Swiss modular design principles that exceed (and comply) with international standards and regulations (EN71 and ASTM F1148-21).


Our playsets are expertly designed by product developers with extensive experience in creating safe and fun wooden playground equipment. Each playset is made with simple materials that leave creativity, development, and imagination up to each child. 


Since the beginning, we’ve designed each wooden playground with customizable components. With over 1,000 design elements to choose from, you’re able to configure and customize a playground flexible to your kid’s needs and your backyard. 


All delivery is appointment-based. Each module is packaged separately in strong and convenient cardboard boxes for optimal storage and secure shipping. Visit our shipping page to learn more.


The playsets arrive with everything you need to quickly build your child’s Spimbey. You will find pre-assembled wall and roof panels, and all wooden components are pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-sanded, and pre-labeled for easy installation. You can even customize the playset colors – the two-sided colored tarps are equipped with two-way snaps. Each shipment also comes with step-by-step assembly guides. 


Keep your playset looking and feeling its best with our provided maintenance tips here and on our Instagram. You will also receive periodic reminders of when to prepare your playset for each season. 


Our playsets are made from wood and minimal plastic to reduce waste. When your children have outgrown their playset we recommend passing it onto another family or contacting us for recycling best practices. 

What to Expect

Spimbey is based in the US and is led by a passionate and experienced team. Also, we offer the modular playground equipment worldwide. In fact, we are highly committed to developing even safer. In addition, more durable, and more fun playground equipment for your backyard.

Spimbey’s vision is to place a Spimbey in every backyard worldwide. Furthermore, we’ve made it our mission to make one thing sure. And that is that you can turn your backyard into a stylish dream outdoor playhouse for you and your kids. In fact, Spimbey helps you with that by converting our years of expertise and learnings into fun. Certainly with safe innovative modular playground equipment. Better yet, when it fits into any garden thanks to its unique and modular construction and colorful design options.

In conclusion, we invite you to become part of the Spimbey community, for a child’s smile is priceless.

Development & Production.

Our product developers have more than 30 years of experience. For instance, it’s in their DNA to develop safe and fun wooden playground equipment for residential use. Moreover, they take into account Swiss modular design principles and every single product is developed. So, we comply and exceed international standards and regulations (EN71 and ASTM F1148-21).

Above all, we produce our products ourselves to be sure every single piece which goes out to our customers is produced properly. In fact, we do it by following the ASTM en EN71 methods. In addition, the lumber is pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, pre-labeled, and pre-sanded for optimal safety, assembly, and construction integrity.  Likewise, our plastic accessories and metal hardware are supplied to us by trusted suppliers, which need to conform to our high-end standards. Furthermore, these components comply with and exceed ASTM and EN71 standards.

Outdoor Playhouse Quality Control

Producing is one thing, but to be sure our highest quality standards are met and consistent, we have integrated strict and proven quality & control protocols. Most important, these quality and control protocols have been set up and optimized. And it has been over the last 2 decades by our global director of quality & control. 

In short, periodically and systematically components are subjected to batch controls. If in these controls an anomaly might be detected, the production will be stopped and the issue will be resolved before continuing production. Therefore, former batches will be taken out of production and will not be used for sales. This way ensures your kids will play with safe products.  

Modularity & Customization

Assembly of wooden playgrounds is a real challenge due to 1000’s of components, unclear construction manuals and heavy parts. So, we have developed a unique Swiss modular design that makes assembly fun and easy. Moreover, this modularity enables you to configure and customize your playground flexibly to fit into every backyard. 

In fact, it is like a Swiss pocket knife – fully packed with multiple options. Modules can be used as complete individual elements or are easily combined to the complete playset you like. The modules consist of complete swings, playhouses and play decks.

 Furthermore, you can customize the modules with unique, 2-side colored tarps with strong and easy 2 way snaps. All modules come with all the necessary components, accessories, assembly manuals and hardware. Lastly, for more information on the possible modules, have a look at our products and possible combinations.

Packaging & Shipping

Each module is packaged separately in strong and convenient cardboard boxes for optimal storage and secure shipping to your doorstep. Furthermore, the boxes are designed for ease and flexible consolidation. All in all, it ensures safe and secure delivery of the modules. 

Delivery of your playset boxes will be done only by freight carriers carefully selected by us. Smaller components will be shipped by parcel carriers. By all means, all boxes are provided with unique numbers for quick identification and are designed for 2 manhandling.

 Once you have ordered your playset modules our carrier will contact you for a delivery appointment based on your availability. For more information on shipping and delivery go to our shipping page.

Easy Assembly — Ready to Install

Firstly, every box contains all necessary components of every module which are ready to install for quick play fun. In addition, in the complete development and production and packaging process we make sure to make assembly of your playset as easy and fast as possible. 

So, you and your family enjoy the installment of your playset. You will find pre-assembled wall and roof panels for your convenience. Secondly, All wooden components are pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-labeled for quick and easy installation. Moreover, the step-by-step, clear and simplified assembly manual, guides you through every step of the assembly.  Thirdly, the 2 sided colored tarps are equipped with 2 way snaps, so you can easily swap sides and customize your playset as you see fit. You can even upgrade your playset with additional color combinations. For more information on assembly go to the assembly and installation page.

Maintenance & After care

Not only do we provide clear assembly and safety instructions, but we also make sure you will get clear maintenance tips and after care. In fact, we provide you with clear and easy maintenance tips & tricks to keep your playset in great condition. Moreover, we will inform you periodically with additional reminders and tips & tricks to start preparing your playset for the season. So your kids can play carefree again. Lastly, for more information on maintenance of your playset go to our maintenance tips & tricks page.

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